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Phase 4: Beta


Introduction to Beta

This section "Phase 4: Beta" is part of the Accelerate framework document, available as Word or PDF on the Accelerate downloads page.

The stages in Beta are:

About Beta

Effective delivery of cross-agency services requires a coordinated release of product increments with close attention to detail to avoid delays.

In Beta, the participating agencies’ processes are used to provide a coordinated release.

At the end of each release, the working product increments are added to the fixed asset register as part of the 'close' process.


The purpose of Beta is to:

  • release product increments effectively across agencies.

Immediate or delayed release

The product increment(s) may be:

  • released immediately following the sprint
  • queued for release during Beta.

Reasons for a delayed release include:

  • interdependent product increments
  • waiting for user training or a communications campaign to be completed
  • fitting with an integrated release involving other agencies.


After the sprint review:

  1. Update the release plan.
  2. Add the approved product increment(s) to the release and update the product release board.

At the end of the release:

3. Conduct a sprint retrospective that includes how to improve the release process.


The outputs from this stage include:

  • security tests applied in a pre-production environment, including penetration testing if required
  • completed product increments deployed in production
  • completed releases added to the fixed asset register
  • updates to the configuration management database
  • improvements to the release management process.

Roles for Beta

The resources for Beta depend on the scale of the project. Possible roles in Beta for single teams and multiple teams are given in the table below.

Contact your Accelerate navigator to discuss your team requirements for Beta.


Table: Possible roles in Beta

Roles in a single team

Roles in multiple teams

The roles when there is a single team in Alpha and Beta The roles when there are multiple teams in Alpha or Beta
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