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Technology – creating the platform for better public services

Diagram showing focus for technology-on adopting innovations and creating value

Government consumes, procures and invests in software and hardware. Commercial and technology initiatives are changing the way this happens. Becoming more agile, responsive and innovative is crucial to responding to the needs of the digital customer. This can be achieved through cloud computing, common capabilities and working strategically with the information and technology sector.

The GCIO’s strategic supplier relationship management (SSRM) framework facilitates further collaboration between the public service and the ICT industry. It also plays an important role in identifying innovative solutions.

The focus of Technology is on:

  • Establishing an ICT Marketplace – establishing a catalogue of ICT services from suppliers that can be easily consumed by agencies
  • Common Capability acceleration – shifting core government ICT services from ownership to an ‘as a service’ model.

 Find out more about the Government ICT Strategy outcomes and Technology.

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