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Guidance and Templates

ICT Operations Assurance Plan Template Version 1.0

Agencies are encouraged to use the template below for completing their operations assurance plans:

ICT Operations Assurance Plan Template v1.0 [83kB Word]

Alternately, agencies may use any format for their plan provided it includes the following elements:

  • Internal endorsements (CIO, CRO / Risk / Assurance, CE as appropriate)
  • Context on the plan’s objective and outcomes
  • Description of the approach taken to developing the plan
  • Decisions / assumptions (e.g. decisions on the scope of assurance, trade-offs, known gaps)
  • Demonstrated linkage to the most significant risk areas for the business
  • Reference to good practice standards consulted during the risk assessment
  • Clarity on assurance accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Description of how the plan will be monitored and how results will be reported
  • Detailed schedule of assurance activities
  • Assurance budget.

Example ICT Operations Assurance Plan

This is a populated example of an ICT operations assurance plan that includes illustrative assurance activities during the course of a year.

ICT Operations Assurance Plan Sample  [130kB Word]

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