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Accelerate phases shown in a triangle

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a delivery framework for New Zealand government agencies to deliver innovative customer benefits better and faster.

Customer needs are considered throughout an Accelerate project, so that problems and opportunities can be identified and acted on early.

Decision and approval steps are simplified and robust, enabling a streamlined pathway of rapid design, prototyping, testing, learning, and scaling of initiatives.

For many people working in the government sector, Accelerate introduces a shift in project approach and culture.

To make sure that Accelerate is right for your digital transformation project, you’re encouraged to talk to an Accelerate champion before starting to use the framework and tools.

For a list of champions or for further information about projects that have successfully adopted this framework, contact the Accelerate team in the Department of Internal Affairs:

About the Accelerate process

The Accelerate process supports rapid design, prototyping, testing, and learning for improved citizen-centred experiences.

It incorporates proven techniques from a number of disciplines to support a project from the point when the opportunity is identified, through to maximising the benefits of the completed working product.

Accelerate has six phases – Prepare, Discover, Alpha, Beta, Live, and Grow, divided into stages that describe the main tasks.

This is the first iteration of Accelerate guidance. More content will be added and updated over time.

Using the Accelerate framework

The Accelerate topics can be viewed from the menu on the left. All content (including most templates) is available on the Accelerate downloads page.

Getting started

If you are considering using Accelerate, please:

  1. Contact the Accelerate team at the Department of Internal Affairs (contact details below).
  2. Get a navigator.
  3. Follow the quick start guide, and then familiarise yourself with the overview, phases and stages once the process is underway.


For enquiries, help, or feedback, the Accelerate team can be contacted at

Page last updated: 01/09/2016