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GCIO System Assurance Guidance and Templates for ICT Projects and Programmes

The GCIO System Assurance developed guidance and templates relating to ICT Projects and Programmes that include Top 10 Lessons Learned, Assurance Plan template and review checklist, and examples and overview of a completed assurance plan for a high-risk project and programme.

See GCIO ICT Assurance Guidance and Templates for ICT Projects and Programmes

Better Business Case

The Treasury's Better Business Case (BBC) is a structured way that stakeholders can work and think together to provide a business case, with fit for purpose analysis, which gives confidence to decision makers that investing in a proposed programme or project is justified following the five case model.

See Better Business Case courses, guidance and templates (The Treasury)

Gateway Review Process and Lessons Learned

The Treasury's Gateway is an assurance methodology designed to improve project and programme delivery. The process uses a series of short reviews to examine major government programmes and projects at key decision points in their lifecycle.

See Gateway Review Process and Gateway Lessons Learned (The Treasury)

Privacy and Security

New Zealanders need to have trust and confidence in the way their information is being managed and used by government agencies. The government takes all aspects of privacy and security very seriously.  In this section, agencies will find guidance and resources to build their capability in managing privacy and security.

See Privacy and Security (

Cloud Computing, including Information Security and Privacy Considerations

In October 2013 Cabinet agreed to a cloud computing risk and assurance framework [CAB Min (13) 37/6B] for government agencies. This section sets out the requirements that all State service agencies are expected to follow in line with Cabinet direction.

See Requirements for Cloud Computing, including Information Security and Privacy Considerations (

Project Delivery-Capability

SSC's Project Delivery - Capability group identifies capabilities and structures that can help government projects and works to implement them. Examples include: Investment Logic Mapping (ILM), Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and SRO training information.

See Project Delivery-Capability (SSC)

Relationship between Gateway Peer Review and Independent Quality Assurance (IQA)

The Treasury's Gateway Unit developed a Guidance note in response to queries from a range of parties on how conventional IQA processes and the new Gateway Peer-Review process align and inter-relate.

See The Relationship Between Gateway Peer Review and IQA (SSC)

Transforming New Zealand's Experience of Government

This two-page document presents in summary the Government ICT Strategy, the GCIO team and what they are doing to help you transform government ICT. An accompanying document 'Working with the GCIO' sets out in more detail what agencies can expect from the GCIO and the touchpoints at which agencies need to interact with the GCIO.

See Transforming New Zealand's Experience of Government ( [2mb PDF]

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