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Government Enterprise Architecture for New Zealand Standards Reference

The Government Enterprise Architecture for New Zealand (GEA-NZ) is a multi-agency Single Unifying Framework to enable the implementation of the Government ICT Strategy. GEA-NZ provides an ordered classification of terms that describe the architecture of capabilities for use across All of Government (AoG). Integral to the on-going development of the GEA-NZ is the identification of standards relevant to the ICT capabilities to be used across AoG.

The GEA-NZ Standards Reference document harmonises many diverse standards and policies, including New Zealand legislation and maps these to the GEA-NZ framework. The document is a coordinator of standards used across New Zealand government and includes reference to standards and policies developed and owned by a number of government agencies and international bodies. It brings together standards used across of the New Zealand Government including but not limited to e-GIF, NZ CIQ Profiles, Identity Information Management, Authentication and Access Management Standards.

In some areas this document includes candidate standards for future consideration. New standards will need to be reviewed and agreed, and a process is planned to address this.

The GEA-NZ Standards Reference will help drive ICT efficiencies through re-use of common solutions to enable implementation of the Government ICT Strategy and Better Public Services: Results for New Zealanders.

Use of the GEA-NZ Standards Reference will:

  • Promote technology, system and data interoperability
  • Improve the efficiency, utility and cost effectiveness of AoG capabilities
  • Foster traceability of features to meet requirements
  • Support the re-use of solutions and services
  • Describe ways of avoiding risks
  • Support procedures and practices that improve the overall efficiency of the development processes
  • Encompass considerations for building in and maintaining security, privacy and resilience to malicious attacks

A small number of exceptional GEA-NZ components map to a large number of technical standards. For example, the Internet GEA-NZ Block has a large number of technical standards. These exceptional items are described in an appendix containing a number of individual technical baseline specifications. These technical baseline specifications list recommended technical standards. The use of these technical standards is subject to applicability and it is expected that in most cases a subset of the standards listed will be used.

At the time of publication, the following future enhancements have been identified and are expected to be incorporated in a future release:

  • Cloud technical standards baseline
  • Security technical standards baseline
  • Mobile technical standards baseline
  • Evolution of the Identity Information Management, Authentication and Access Management Standards
  • Evolution of the standards for the Information Zone of the Business Region  of GEA-NZ

The GEA-NZ Standards Reference is managed by Government Enterprise Architecture, Department of Internal Affairs on behalf of the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO). Email to contact Government Enterprise Architecture.

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