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Functional Leadership and ICT Assurance

The Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), as part of the ICT functional leadership role, has responsibility to Ministers for the coordinated oversight and delivery of system-wide ICT assurance.

The GCIO provision of system-wide ICT assurance include:

  1. providing coordinated and delivery of system-wide ICT assurance;
  2. reporting to Ministers on a system-wide view of the status of information management, technology infrastructure, and technology-enabled business processes and services across government;
  3. identifying areas where interventions may be needed;
  4. taking actions to support agencies to improve their ICT assurance processes and intervening where necessary;
  5. coordinating, developing and mandating common ICT assurance and information management standards.

The scope of the GCIO ICT assurance function and framework includes the ICT enabled activities of agencies of the State Services, which encompasses:

  • Information management (including security and privacy).
  • Technology infrastructure.
  • Existing ICT-enabled services.
  • New ICT-enabled projects and programmes.


What is GCIO ICT Assurance?

The ICT Assurance function has been set up to provide confidence to agency Chief Executives and Ministers that their ICT investments will deliver the intended benefits.  We do this by providing assurance and confidence that risks and processes within the state sector are identified and effectively managed. 

The ICT Assurance team covers:

  • ICT Operations
  • ICT Enabled Programmes and Projects
  • System-wide ICT Assurance


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