Schools can borrow books for all of their students to enjoy

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Our whole-school and secondary author/title loans provide resources to support children with inquiry, and to encourage and develop a love of reading. Find out how our school lending works. Learn when and how to request a loan.


Make a date to order your books

Dates for loan requests and returns Find out when you need to request and return your school loans.

The National Library has a wide range of material available

Whole-school loans — how they work Find out how our whole-school lending service works.​

The school coordinator role is critical

School loan coordinator role ​Read what the school loan coordinator does, their responsibilities, the time required and how to become a school loan coordinator.

What you can borrow

What you can borrow The number of resources your school can borrow is determined by the size of your school roll. The resources that are available also depends on demand. Find out more about what your school can borrow from us.

Request books using our online form

How to request a loan — quick guide for loan coordinators Find out the steps a school loan coordinator needs to take to request a whole-school or secondary school author/title loan from the National Library.

Plan ahead to receive your inquiry loan

Plan your inquiry loan Find out what an 'inquiry loan' is and how school loan coordinators can plan these requests.

A student chooses an interesting book to read

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Plan your reading engagement loan Find out what a 'reading engagement loan' is and how school loan coordinators can plan these loan requests.

Choose an author/title loan for your students

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Secondary school author/title loans ​Secondary schools and composite schools (secondary year levels) can order individual author/title loans at any time of the year to support student learning. Find out about these loans and how to request one.

Return books and resources at the end of their loan period

Returning books and resources ​Find out when to return books and resources.