Children reading in their school library

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Creating engaged readers takes commitment to developing a school-wide reading culture that actively encourages, supports, and models reading for pleasure. Fluent and reflective reading improves literacy, social skills and well-being, and enables independent learning. We offer advice and support for creating a school-wide reading culture with the school library at its heart.


Students love reading graphic novels

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Understanding reading engagement Find out what reading engagement is and why it matters. Explore ideas, strategies and research for engaging students with reading by creating a community-wide culture that supports reading for pleasure.

Boy reading

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Libraries supporting readers Explore strategies for creating reader-friendly environments and policies that ensure students have access to a range of reading material, services and support.​

Jigsaw artwork response to children's literature

Children's and youth literature Find out about the diverse formats and genre of children’s and young adult (YA) literature, and discover strategies to evaluate and promote it that will engage students in reading.​

A father and his son reading together

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Family, whānau and community connections Find out how school staff, school and public libraries, and families and whānau can work together as a community to support and create students who read for pleasure.

Teacher reading

Teachers as readers ​Explore ways to keep up-to-date as a reader, and how to share your enthusiasm for reading and your knowledge of children's literature with students, so that they develop as readers themselves.

Strategies to create readers

Strategies to engage students as readers Explore a range of strategies you can use in the school library, classroom or across the curriculum to encourage and support students to read for pleasure.

Reading by the beach

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Summer reading Find out about the role that schools, school libraries, public libraries, and families have in helping prevent the summer reading slide among some students.


Videos Explore videos about strategies and approaches for successful school libraries, reading engagement and digital literacy in schools.