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The Department of Internal Affairs

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Local Government in New Zealand - Local Councils


Download local government data

The Department of Internal Affairs is working to improve the availability of local authority information for quality decision-making.

This resource has been created for users to download council information that has been collected by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Much of the consolidated data available for download here, has also been broken down by local authority and presented under the individual council profiles, as well as in the local government sector overview.

Financial information

The Local Authority Financial Statistics (LAFS), released annually by Statistics New Zealand, reports councils' historic financial accounts and may be accessed from the Local Government page on the Statistics New Zealand website.

Users may download ten years worth of forecast local authority financial data by clicking below:

  • Local Authority Long-Term Plans (collection of councils' 2006-16, 2009-19, 2012-22 and 2015-25 final LTP financial statements)
  • Local Authority 2009-19 LTP Survey Results (this survey by the Department of Internal Affairs requested activity-level details associated with councils' 2009-19 LTP, 38 councils responded). To see the structure of the data available in the 2009 LTP Survey Results tables: data map (PDF,50KB).
  • Users may download Department of Internal Affairs data concerning the annual number of rates rebates granted and their total dollar value by clicking below:

    • Rates Rebates Statistics (XLSX,36.0KB), or Rates Rebates Statistics (CSV) (CSV,16.0KB), covering FY 2006/07 through FY 2016/17, for New Zealand and individual councils.
    • Local authority election statistics

      The 2013 local authority election statistics are available at the Department of Internal Affairs website. Statistics from previous local elections, which are held every three years, are also available from this site.

      Dog control information

      The dog control profile pages contain statistics about dog control throughout New Zealand. A similar set of profile pages is provided for those territorial authorities that have dog control statistics available. These may be accessed through each council's main profile page .

      Users may download territorial authorities' Dog Control Statistics (XLSX) (XLSX,2.83MB) or Dog Control Statistics (CSV) (CSV,7.41MB).

      This information has been collected from three sources:

      • dog, owner, registration and infringement information from the National Dog Database (NDD) at the Department of Internal Affairs
      • dog-related injury claims and their cost from the Accident Compensation Corporation
      • prosecutions and dog destruction orders under the Dog Control Act 1996 from the Ministry of Justice

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      This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.

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