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Resource material › Evidence of Identity Standard

The Evidence of Identity (EOI) Standard (Version 2.0) is part of a suite of Authentication Standards, developed to provide a framework for consistent authentication of online identity by agencies. However, the EOI Standard applies to both online and offline settings.

The purpose of the EOI Standard is to provide good practice guidance for government agencies about the required process for initial establishment and subsequent confirmation of an individual’s identity.

The EOI Standard was first developed and released in June 2006 (Version 1.0), and has been redeveloped and released in December 2009 as Version 2.0. The new version includes some revision of original content and additional areas of guidance.

The EOI Standard is maintained through a formal governance group. The EOI Standard Governance Group may from time to time agree to minor corrections, additional explanations, amendments or revisions to this Standard. Such changes will be included in any subsequent reprinting of the Standard.

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