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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

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Leniency and Cooperation Policy

The Department has introduced leniency and cooperation policies to assist in preventing and detecting behaviour that contravenes the
Gambling Act 2003.

Under the policies, immunity from proceedings is available where the Department has not commenced an investigation or attained suitable evidence during an investigation. Where the Department has already progressed an investigation, concessions may be available to persons who cooperate and are able to assist in any proceedings.

The policies apply to all gambling conducted in New Zealand and are available for all illegal activities ranging from underground casinos to breaches of the conflict of interest provisions involving gaming machine operations (e.g. a person receiving a benefit with a condition attached). The policy particularly lends itself to disrupting arrangements involving several parties seeking to capture gaming machine funding.

Self-Assessment Reviews

We have developed
Self-Assessment Reviews, based on the Department's own audit checklist, to provide societies and clubs with an ability to:
  • Test their own levels of compliance of their gaming machine operations with the requirements of the Gambling Act 2003, related regulations, licence conditions and game rules
  • Identify areas where internal policies, systems and procedures should be developed, enhanced or strengthened
  • Put measures in place immediately to rectify any areas of non-compliance identified.
Completion of this document does not limit the Secretary for Internal affairs or any Gambling Inspector in the exercise of their functions and powers under the Gambling Act 2003.

Harm Prevention and Minimisation Guidelines will assist societies in self-checking levels of compliance against the Gambling Act 2003 and regulations relating to Harm Prevention and Minimisation.

Cessation of Class 4 Licences

Cessation Review Guidelines will assist clubs and societies in the winding up of their gaming machine operations, and the subsequent review of their final set of accounts.

Clubs and societies may also wish to use the Cessation Pack. Once completed this pack contains the minimum information required for the cessation of a Class 4 Operator's Licence.

Approach to Compliance and Enforcement

The Department's approach to compliance and enforcement in this area is set out in the document: