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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

Te Tari Taiwhenua

Building a safe, prosperous and respected nation


Media releases and contacts

Note to media: DIA media staff usually divert their desk phones to their mobiles when away from their desks. We often get media calls regarding other government agencies and are happy to refer you to the right place. If you are from Māori or other language media, we will try to meet your needs. We can use Language Line to interpret. Department of Internal Affairs email addresses follow the form:

Official Information Act Investigation: Information regarding Donghua Liu citizenship - PDF, 274KB (6 July 2017)

New Zealand Citizenship of Mr Peter Thiel (Updated 29 June 2017)

More information about Grants of Citizenship made under sections 9(1)(a), 9(1)(b), 9(1)(c) and 9(1)(d) (updated 11 August 2017)

Media contacts

Policy, Regulatory and Ethnic Communities 

Including Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism, Anti-Spam, Censorship, Gambling, and Local Government:

Service Delivery and Operations 

Including Passports, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Civil Unions, Citizenship, Lottery and other grants, and Better Public Services Result 10:

  • Steve Corbett – DDI: +64 4 494 5761

Service and System Transformation 

Including Government Chief Technology Officer and cross-government ICT transformation:

Information and Knowledge Services

Including the National Library, Archives New Zealand, and Government Information Services:

  • Kim Chambers – DDI: +64 4 816 4008

All other media enquiries

Official Information Act (OIA) requests