Age Concern Auckland


  • Support Services, Information, Advice and Personal Advocacy: Responding in person/phone to a range of queries from older people and their carers eg. Advising where to obtain a service, what is available. Providing confidential support and empowerment to older people.
  • Information Resources: Providing written materials eg. pamphlets and resources eg. videos and books.
  • Accredited Visiting Service:  Auckland has two Visiting Service coordinators who cover Central and West Auckland.  Volunteer Visitors are checked, trained and matched with lonely, older people living independently in the community, for regular, weekly visits. 

    Accredited Visiting Service Central Auckland – Phone 820-2714

    Accredited Visiting Service West Auckland – Phone 820-2713

  • Education: Holding education seminars for the public eg. positive ageing, Enduring Power of Attorney, WINZ.
  • Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service: Providing confidential support, advocacy and information for people facing elder abuse and neglect.
  • Total Mobility Scheme: Providing assessment for people with a disability and provision of a Total Mobility card for discount taxi fares.
  • In-home Support: Referring on to recommended services (eg. trade services) that can provide for the necessary maintenance work to be done in client's homes. 

Year established

  • 1949

Our wellbeing story

Stopping violence

A socially isolated and lonely older man who was living in residential care in Auckland was creating a violent reputation for himself, hitting both residents and staff.  
Recognising that his isolation could be a cause for the anger and violence, Age Concern Auckland began including him in a regular social outing – a weekly bus trip. 

The outing, as well as the chance to socialise, has resulted in a dramatic improvement in his behaviour. He is now much happier and staff and other residents are safer. 


Contact Information

Postal address: P O Box 19542, Avondale, Auckland 1746
Physical address: 57 Rosebank Road, Auckland 1026
Telephone: 09 820 0184
Facsimile: 09 828 1660