Key information about elder abuse and neglect

If you are experiencing elder abuse, or wish to report elder abuse, please click here. 

New Zealand publications about elder abuse:


Age Concern New Zealand, Challenges for the Future, 2007

Families Commission, Elder abuse and Neglect: Exploration of Risk and Protective Factors, 2008

Ministry of Health & Age Concern New Zealand, Family Violence Intervention Guidelines: Elder Abuse and Neglect, 2007

Financial Abuse of Older People in New Zealand, 2011

Keeping Older People Safe by Preventing Elder Abuse and Neglect, 2009

Office for Senior Citizens, Lightshed report: A review of Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services in New Zealand, 2004

Age Concern New Zealand, Promoting the Rights and Well-being of Older People and Those who Care for Them, 1992

New Zealand Police Home Safe video

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Scams - Get online savvy - a guide for seniors:


International reports on elder abuse: 

The UK study 2007: Qualitative findings: Prevalence report:

Under the Radar: New York prevalence study 2011 

National Elder Mistreatment Study (USA) 2009:

European report on preventing elder maltreatment, WHO, 2011:

Abuse and Neglect of older people in Ireland, 2010:

Elder abuse prevention and response guidelines for action 2012-14, Dept Health Victoria, Australia: