New Zealand Superannuation and Veterans’ Pension

All New Zealanders over the age of 65 are eligible for New Zealand Superannuation (NZS) or a Veterans’ Pension (VP) as long as they meet certain eligibility criteria relating to age and residency. The amount you might be eligible for differs depending on your tax rate and living arrangements, click here to find your weekly amount.  

The Work and Income website provides you with more details on how to apply for New Zealand Superannuation.

If you are New Zealand War Veteran, you may be entitled to special benefits or pensions in recognition of your service. 

If you have worked overseas you may be eligible for a pension from another country. It is important that you declare any foreign pensions you receive or may be eligible for when applying for your New Zealand Superannuation. For more information, call Work and Income on 0800 552 002 and ask for the International Services office.

If you have any questions about overseas pensions:

More contact information is on the Seniors Getting in touch with us webpage.


If you receive a New Zealand benefit or pension, you need to let Work and Income know about time you have spent living in other countries and also need to tell them about any changes in your circumstances, including if you are planning to leave New Zealand for more than 26 weeks. Work and Income have more information and facts about Senior Services International. 

Further information about New Zealand Superannuation can also be found on the Sorted website

Social welfare benefits for older people

There are a variety of benefits that older people may qualify for on top of receiving their NZS/VP, should they need further financial assistance. These include

For more information, call Senior Services on 0800 552 002 or contact your local Senior Services centre.

Further information can also be found on the Ministry of Social Development’s Senior Services website. 

Other programmes to help those on limited incomes

A range of other policies and programmes are also available to assist those over 65 who are on limited incomes. These include:

Health and Disability Support;
Work and Income Accommodation Supplement
Housing New Zealand;
Rates rebate: The Rates Rebate Scheme was established to provide a subsidy to low-income homeowners on the cost of their rates
Rent rebate: If you have low income or financial problems you might be able to get help with rent and other housing costs. You may be able to get an accommodation supplement or access to cheaper housing. 
SuperGold Card: The SuperGold Card is a discounts and concessions card for seniors and veterans, in recognition of their contribution to New Zealand society. 

The Total Mobility Scheme:  Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme designed to increase the mobility of people who have difficulty using public transport. Eligible clients get 50% discount on door-to-door transport (usually by taxi) in many urban areas. 


More information about income

Going guarantor
Enduring Power of Attorney