Think clear spring water: refreshing, purifying, still… 


Mindfulness gives us a heightened ‘sense of being’.  It helps us untangle life’s complexities so that we can be fully in tune with being alive.  Practising mindfulness makes us more aware of what we have, and increases our sense of satisfaction with our lot.  It is one of the pathways to spiritual health.


Add mindfulness to your recipe for life:


  • Be where you are in time and place – don’t yearn for the past or the future, or wish you were somewhere else.
  • Listen, pay attention, be present.  Take the time to be still, focus on your surroundings and on your breath, feel your feet on the ground, your bottom in the seat.
  • Focus more on how to be and less on what to do.
  • Develop the habit of valuing the small things in life.
  • Do things that give your life meaning. 
  • If you have a faith, make use of the methods it offers (prayer, recitation, incantation, dance) to help you feel at peace with the world.
  • Learn to meditate – it’s an antidote to stress and anxiety.