Food for thought on Adaptability

Adaptability is like salt.  It makes the experiences life dishes up so much more palatable. 

Life is constant change, much of which is beyond our control. The older we get, the more change we experience – in our work life, family life, living arrangements, income, social networks, our body and our health. Not to mention the social and environment changes that go on around us. 

If you can be flexible, accepting and positive in the face of change, life will be so much easier.  You’ll also be happier and healthier. 

Accept that change is part of life, but take control where you can.
How you react to change is your choice - decide what your attitude will be:  “Every cloud has a silver lining”; “that could have been much worse”; “one door closes, another opens”.
If ill health strikes, become an ‘expert patient’.  Find out all you can about your condition and how you can improve and maintain your health.
Draw on your life experience.  Use what you’ve learned from past experiences to help you cope with the present.
Don't get too set in your ways.  Introduce change deliberately, to keep yourself on your toes.
If you feel overwhelmed by change or loss, draw on your family and friends.  Don’t hesitate to seek professional help as well.
When you're feeling under pressure, tackle tasks that are Small, Achievable and Manageable - SAM for short.

Age is only a number - Korean proverb