Here’s a little food for thought from our positive ageing ‘cookbook’ Ageing is living: Recipes for life.

Plans are like the baking dish that holds a mixture.  They give life shape and structure; they help us take control of the present and the future and achieve our goals and dreams. 
For people who like to know where they are going and how they are going to get there, making plans offers a sense of security and hope.  Once plans are in place, this can also free up ‘headspace’, allowing us to think about other things. 

What sorts of things could you make plans about?

Realising your dreams and achieving your goals. 
Staying physically and mentally fit. 
Developing and using your skills and expertise.
Financial security.  For ideas visit
Where you want to live/home and garden. 
Who you want to make decisions for you if you can’t do so yourself.  
The kind of medical care you would like if you get seriously ill or when you are nearing the end of your life.  Read more at

Talk to others (family, friends, professionals, etc) as you’re thinking about your plans. This helps you clarify your ideas and it keeps them in the loop.

The wise do not expect always to be healthy or never suffer hardship or grief. Instead they prepare - A.C. Grayling (The Good Book)