Here’s a little food for thought from our new positive ageing ‘cookbook’, Ageing is living: Recipes for life.


It’s no wonder people say “laughter is the best medicine”.  Fun, laughter and a sense of enjoyment are guaranteed to add a health-giving zest to your life. 

Get into the habit of adding a big daily dose to your diet:

  • Write yourself a daily ‘prescription’ eg: two belly laughs, one activity I enjoy, contact with one person who makes me laugh.   At the end of the day, think back on how you filled your script - that gives you a double dose!
  • See the funny side and laugh – out loud.
  • Develop your sense of humour – think of it as a muscle that needs constant toning.
  • Get into the habit of taking pleasure in small things and counting your blessings.
  • Smile.  It will make you feel good, and others too.
  • Sing.  Even if you can’t hold a tune it will make you feel good.
  • Don’t wait for a special occasion to get out your best china.
  • Take a playful approach to routine tasks – this makes them much more fun.
  • Physical activity can make you feel good, especially if it increases your breathing and heart rate.  Dancing, swimming, cycling or walking briskly will all do the trick - try to do half an hour of this kind of exercise most days.
  • Working with your hands can give a real sense of pleasure as well as being calming. What about taking up crocheting, carving, weaving, calligraphy…?
  • Be adventurous.  Get outside your comfort zone from time to time.
  • Don’t put anything off.  Life is not a dress rehearsal!

Old in years but young in spirit: enjoy happiness, longevity, peace and health - Chinese proverb