Here’s a little food for thought from our new positive ageing ‘cookbook’ Ageing is living: Recipes for life.


Life without generosity and reciprocity is like pavlova without eggs! 

Acts of giving and receiving bind us to others.  They add body, substance and strength to the communities we belong to. 

Giving and receiving can also bring a great deal of pleasure, as long as we’re acting of our own free will and in good faith.  We’re not talking about gifts of money here, but things of much greater value such as knowledge, experience, skills, attitudes, tikanga, memories, stories…

So don’t leave out the eggs!

  • Recognize and value what you have to give – your time, your love, your memories, your skills, your knowledge, your attributes…
  • Give as much as you can, but no more than you feel comfortable with.
  • Wisdom gained through life experience is a special gift you can offer others.
  • Allowing others to help you is a form of generosity – you give others a gift by allowing them to do a good deed. 
  • Learning to receive is just as important as learning to give.

Toulekeleka 'a hono sino - mahuohua 'a 'ene 'ilo

Withered, the body might be - overflowing with knowledge is she/he - Tongan proverb