Age Concern Ashburton


  • Support Services, Information, Advice and Personal Advocacy: Responding in person/phone to a range of queries from older people and their carers eg. Advising where to obtain a service, what is available. Providing confidential support and empowerment to older people.

  • Information Resources: Providing written materials eg. pamphlets and resources eg. videos and books.

  • Social Activities: Holding events that provide social connection between older people eg. 206 Club – a day programme for the elderly.

  • Transport: Providing a transport service to places such as clinics or shopping centres

  • Total Mobility Scheme: Providing assessment and provision of Total Mobility taxi vouchers.

  • In-home Support: Referring on to recommended services (eg. trade services) that can provide for the necessary maintenance work to be done in client's homes. Referring on volunteer workers to undertake small jobs for older people eg. gardening

  • Exercise/Mobility: Holding exercise programmes in the local community.

  • Sale or loan of equipment: wheelchairs; scooters, and other adaptive equipment

  • Representation: Providing representation and advice on older peoples' issues to local influential groups eg. District Councils.

  • 50+ : 2 programmes during the year – a weekly gathering for fellowship, with a guest speaker/outing.

  • 206 Club:  A day programme held on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday incorporating activities, entertainment and companionship 10am-3pm, including a 2 course midday meal. 

  • Hospital visiting: Visiting patients from out of town

  • SAYGo (Steady As You Go) Falls Prevention programme: An exercise programme especially designed for older people that increases strength, balance, mobility, participation and social inclusion for older people.

Our wellbeing story


Blossoming at the 206 Club


Around 20 older people in the Ashburton community attend our 206 Club. Running three days a week, the 206 Club provides regular exercise classes, outings, music and entertainment, quizzes, educational speakers and meals.  


Our staff have watched one particular couple, Kevin and Isobel, simply blossom since joining the club. They had been spending most of their time at home, but after joining the 206 Club they were motivated to take part in activities outside of Age Concern, such as bowls and the local choir. Isobel is feeling more relaxed as she has gained more time for herself. This is vital to her wellbeing as she is looking after someone who is physically disabled. Kevin says that since attending the 206 Club they have both discovered a new-found freedom and are amazed at the changes in their circumstances.


Contact Information

Postal address: P O Box 200,
Ashburton 7700
Physical address: 206 Cameron Street, Ashburton 7700
Telephone: 03 308 6817
Facsimile: 03 308 6817