About Age Concern

Age Concern is a charitable organisation dedicated solely to people over 65. 
We promote dignity, wellbeing, equity and respect and provide expert information and support services in response to older people's needs.

We are active and vocal on relevant issues and work to ensure older people stay connected with their family, friends and community.

Local Age Concerns throughout New Zealand are the first port of call for older people in their communities. Age Concerns offer expertise and knowledge of all available services for older people as well as social activities.

Age Concern New Zealand (national office) provides national support to local Age Concerns. Age Concern New Zealand also informs the government and other national bodies on issues of concern for older people.

If you, or anyone you know, needs our help, please contact us.


Our Vision and Mission

Age Concern has worked to promote the rights, wellbeing and quality of life of older people, koroua and kuia since 1948. As knowledge and experience has grown, Age Concern now has the wider purpose of promoting healthy, active ageing to people of all ages. We work in cooperation with other organisations towards obtaining our vision.

Our Vision Tā Mātou Matakitenga

Our Mission Tā Mātou Kawenga

Older people live a valued life in an inclusive society. 

He pāpori e whai whakaarohia ana, e whakanuitia ana, e tautokona ana, e whai mana anahoki te hunga kaumātua.

Age Concern promotes wellbeing, rights, respect and dignity for older people. 

He mahi mō ngā tika me te oranga o te hunga kaumātua.

Age Concern recognises its responsibilities to uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the unique partnership that exists between Māori and the Crown, with partnerships developed with Māori organisations and local marae. Similarly, Age Concern works in cooperation with Pacific peoples and other ethnicities to support their needs and aspirations.

Ageing is a lifelong process, starting at birth – many of the Age Concerns have programmes that promote generational interdependence. 

Our Values

The work of Age Concern New Zealand is based on these values, with special reference to older people, koroua and kuia.




Cultural respect

To respect the dignity and uniqueness of every person as an individual and as a valuable member of society.

To ensure that older people are given the opportunities to achieve physical comfort, engage in satisfying activities and personal development, and to feel valued and supported.

To ensure that older people have an equal opportunity to achieve wellbeing by directing resources to help those disadvantaged or in greatest need.

To respect the values and social structures of Māori and people of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating respect by working together to gain mutual understanding.