Join us in helping to create an inclusive New Zealand!

Please e-mail Natasha Muir at with your name and preferred postal address and we will send you a welcome pack in the post.

Age Concern strives to create a New Zealand in which everyone is valued, supported and empowered no matter how old they are. However, this is not the society we live in – not yet.

That’s where you come in. We need New Zealanders from all walks of life to join us and become Age Concern Dignity Champions.

An Age Concern Dignity Champion pledges to:

1. Reject stereotypes and focus on the uniqueness of every individual
2. Speak up when they hear people speaking negatively about growing old
3. Have the courage to question practices they feel are disrespectful to older people
4. Not patronise older people
5. Be patient, polite and friendly
6. Have zero tolerance for abuse or neglect
7. Build relationships – they combat isolation and loneliness by getting to know the older people in their lives.

In addition to this pledge, our Age Concern Dignity Champions may choose to:

Make a donation 
Volunteer (by contacting your local Age Concern)
Encourage your friends, family, workplace or community group to become a Dignity Champion

Dignity Champions will receive the following:

The knowledge that you are making a difference to ensure that New Zealand is a place where we can all grow old with dignity.
Three Age Concern newsletters a year.
Tax credits of 33% for donations of $5 or more.

By supporting Age Concern, our Dignity Champions will help us help our grandparents, our parents, ourselves, and one day – our children, to live well and age well.