Repairs and maintenance: solutions for older people


Repairing and maintaining your home

Your local Age Concern can advise you, and put you in touch with, the best person for repairing or maintaining your home. 

Good Homes checklists

Research by the Good Homes research team shows that older people often put off repairs and maintenance because they feel it’s too hard and would cost too much. But there is a greater cost – older people struggle to stay healthy if their house is cold, uncomfortable or unsafe.

Good Homes has created these practical checklist tools to help people assess what repairs and maintenance work need to be done and who the best person is to do it. These tools are now available online and can be downloaded here for free.

The Householder Tool is a checklist that helps you go through your home, room-by-room, to identify things that need repair, maintenance or are unsafe. The Householder Tool suggests solutions to fix any problems and who to contact. Then use the Action Sheet  to make yourself a plan of what repairs are going to be done by whom and when. 

The Support Services Provider Tool is very similar to the Householder Tool but is designed to be used by agencies that support older people in their homes (e.g. District Health Board staff, Age Concern, Presbyterian Support Services). The agency completes the checklist and helps arrange repairs for the older person.


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