Retirement villages

There's some protection for older people through the Retirement Villages Code of Practice but you still need to receive independent legal advice before signing a contract. 

The Retirement Villages Act, regulations, and Code of Practice set the framework for relationships between residents, intending residents, operators and supervisors. The Code sets national minimum standards that all retirement village operators have to meet.  

If you are thinking about living in a retirement village, check out this booklet to give you more information.


Care services

Some retirement village residents have contracts stating that they can only access ‘in-house’ personal care, which they then must pay for, even though they may have been eligible for state-funded home support services.

If you're thinking of moving into a retirement village you should ensure you understand fully the implications of the Occupation Right Agreement you're being asked to sign. Ask your legal adviser whether the contract will affect your right to access government-funded services – if the answer is yes, you may wish to negotiate these clauses out of the contract before signing.



Visit the Department of Building and Housing for the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008

Visit the Office of the Retirement Commissioner for information on their monitoring of villages
Visit the Retirement Villages Association for more information for residents