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About us

Illustration from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" drawn by John Tenniel.

The Society

The society which is based in Wellington, New Zealand is associated with The National Library of New Zealand . It was formed in 1983 to support the work of the Dorothy Neal White Collection.
In 2005 it was extended to support the National Children’s and Susan Price Collections.
How to view the collections supported by Friends of DNW
Membership is by annual subscription, the details are on the membership page.

The Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection

invite you to a talk by

Dr Nicola Daly

Read the Flyer

Nicola is a senior lecturer at the University of Waikato where she teaches children’s literature at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is a past recipient of the Dorothy Neal White Fellowship and the Marantz Picturebook Collection Fellowship at Kent State University.

The linguistic landscape of English-Spanish Dual Language Picturebooks’

How do you place text for two languages in a single bilingual children’s picturebook?
In this presentation over 200 English-Spanish dual language picturebooks, from the Marantz Picturebook Collection for the Study of Picturebook Art, are analysed in terms of the relative status of the two languages and how this is communicated via relative print size and placement. The separation between languages in the picturebooks analysed is discussed in relation to bilingualism and translanguaging.

Thursday 21 September, 2017

5.30 p.m for drinks and nibbles, 6.00 p.m. talk

Ground Floor, National Library of New Zealand

(Use the Molesworth Street entrance), Wellington

Gold coin donation from non-members appreciated

Documents relating to the AGM are at About Us > AGM and here

See for ideas and conversations about children’s books

In the Friend’s Display Case: National Library Wellington

Children have always what they should do, but the options available to them in today’s digital age are quite different from those of 100 years ago.

This selection of books from the Dorothy Neal White Collection explores the pastimes and activities that were considered suitable for children with time on their hands in a world with no radio, television or internet. These included doing something useful (domestic skills, making things, gardening, playing an instrument), getting out in the healthy fresh air (outdoor games, nature study, camp cooking and survival skills) and entertaining friends and family at home with such diversions as parlour games, magic tricks, puppet shows and scientific experiments.

Many of the suggested activities are, of course, still popular alternatives to poring over a digital device, but not many children nowadays will spend hours making matchbox furniture or perfecting their ventriloquism skills.

-Mary Skarott, Children’s Literature Librarian

The Display Case National Library

A selection of titles from the Dorothy Neal White Collection is on display for the next few months just outside the Turnbull Library reading rooms. — at National Library of New Zealand.

The boy's own book of indoor games

‘The boy’s own book of indoor games and recreations: an instruction manual of home amusements’. Edited by Morley Adams. (London : Boy’s Own Paper Office) 1912

The girl's own indoor book

‘The girl’s own indoor book: containing practical help to girls on all matters relating to their material comfort and moral well-being’. Edited by Charles Peters. (London : Religious Tract Society) 1888?

Things for girls to do inside.

“You take, no doubt, a great pride in the arrangement of your bedroom. One of the chief eyesores is the washstand, which, if it has not a tiled or marbled back, is apt to look shabby.” – ‘100 things a girl can make: a bookful of attractive hints for girls of all ages’. (London : W. Foulsham & Co.) 1924

Home fun for boys

Bullivant, Cecil H. ‘Home fun’. (London : Thomas Nelson & Sons) 1910

Boy's indoor games

‘The boy’s own book of indoor games and recreations: an instruction manual of home amusements’. Edited by Morley Adams. (London : Boy’s Own Paper Office) 1912

Every boy's open-air book.

Hopkins, R. Thurston. ‘Every boy’s open-air book’. (London : Cecil Palmer) c1925

Applying for DNW Scholarship
Through its lectures, meetings, research grant and publications the Society helps to foster interest in the general development of children’s literature.
Interested? Download the application form.

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Your comments or questions about the Society, the Collection, and this website are welcome
Enquiries about membership of the Friends may be directed to the Secretary, Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection
P0 Box 12-499, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.
Membership form

For research enquiries relating to the collection use the webform

Telephone: 64-4-4704488.
Facsimile:  64-4-474 3035

Charitable Status:

New Zealand law allows non-profit organisations to apply for charitable status. This gives advantages over exemptions from some tax returns and allows members to claim tax exempt status for donations.

Our registration number is CC51738

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