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Let’s support our GM Free Food Producers - Anna Lorck

GM FREE is our point of difference. 

For Hastings and Tukituki having an official GM Free food producing status is a fantastic opportunity to lead New Zealand and the world, and we should make the most of it.

We are the first district in New Zealand to secure GM Free food producer status for the life of our local 10 year plan.

But the Government is planning under the Resource Management Act to take away our local powers to be a GM Free zone. Federated Farmers is also taking court action against the Hastings District Council’s GM Free status.


Consumer demand for GM Free food is increasing and the economic potential is huge. 

Support growing GM Free and keep our region pure.

Hastings Official GM Free status only relates to what is grown in Hawke’s Bay fields. GM medicines, laboratory-contained research and GM food ingredient imports are not affected. Staying pure creates massive marketing opportunities and adds value to our food exports.

Please do get in touch if you would like me to visit so I can learn more about what you and your organisation or business is up to, or if you have an issue where you need Labour Tukituki’s support and advocacy.