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Phil Goff is about to fight the battle that will make or break him as mayor

It’s 10-year planning time. The time when the mayor sets out his vision, his plans to realise that vision and the budget he will use to do it. But there’s a $6 billion hole in the money that needs to be spent on Auckland, and right now Phil Goff has no idea where the council’s share of it is going to come from.

Peter Dunne, the flawed reformer

He leaves office largely unloved, but Peter Dunne did more than most New Zealanders realise. Russell Brown goes in to bat for the undercover drug reformer.

Dr Lance O'Sullivan on what's been lost in the Metiria Turei controversy

The election has thus far been dominated by Metiria Turei's admission of historic benefit fraud, and its impact on both Labour and the Greens. But Dr Lance O'Sullivan argues that the conversation about welfare Turei wanted to start never really happened. 

An incomplete catalogue of television's strongest winter looks

Still feeling the chill? Tara Ward assembles some of the best TV looks to warm the cockles of your cold heart. 

Eras don’t last forever: Clarkson, Hosking and the last days of the rude white dude

When Jeremy Clarkson left Top Gear in 2015, the show seemed doomed. Yet it soldiers on, boring but unbowed, while Clarkson's profile is much diminished. Duncan Greive asks whether the fading of Clarkson, Paul Henry and Bill O'Reilly means the end of an era for a particular species of male broadcaster.

Best Songs Ever: Takin' a ride on Neil Finn's disco Vespa

Our regular round-up of new songs and singles, this week featuring Neil Finn, P!nk, Robert Plant, Kings and more…

'I'm trying not to be a rock band': Merk on the isolation of laptop production

Henry Oliver talks to bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Merk, who is playing at Seamless, an all-ages show, in Auckland this weekend.

Make Me Tick: our government is like a toffee pop

In the lead up to the election, comedians Melanie Bracewell and Angella Dravid take a journey through the voting process in Make Me Tick, The Spinoff’s new four part video series with the Electoral Commission. Today, Angella contemplates the branches of government.

Ghost flats: The battle for the Gordon Wilson Building

Buildings in Wellington that once housed almost 150 people have lain empty for five years, even as an intensifying housing crisis has rendered 40,000 Kiwis homeless – including hundreds of Wellingtonians. How did it happen? Marc Daalder explains.

A youth worker to New Zealand parents: You need to help our young people

Connor Mcleod is a youth worker and activist with InsideOUT, an organisation that is trying to make New Zealand a safer place for our children. He's calling on parents to help in this vital and important work.

Introducing Breeder's Digest, a monthly chat about all things parenting

Jane Yee and Nicola Winslade debut Breeder's Digest, a monthly podcast on the highs, lows, and shameful confessions of parenting.

The Titirangi session: politics gets fun and feral in the original greenie stronghold

It was a dark but not very stormy night. The school hall was filled with people, and home baking. And some politicians. Simon Wilson was always there.

Kiwis of Snapchat: Gerald Cobb, Auckland commuter

In our video series Kiwis of Snapchat, comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens making the news. Today: Aucklander Gerald Cobb walks us through his early morning commute.

The best of The Spinoff this week

Compiling the best reading from your friendly local website.

Pulling an all-nighter with broadcasting legend Lloyd Scott

Host of RNZ's All Night programme for the last 13 years, Lloyd Scott talks New Zealand through the night for the last time this evening. Simon Day joined him for a shift to discuss his 53-year career at the public broadcaster, his mate Barry Crump and changes at RNZ.

They're putting burger ads in your games, and you can't opt out

Not content with plastering billboards and bus stations in the real world, fast food giant Wendy's are inserting themselves inside virtual worlds too. It's a trend that makes Don Rowe feel nauseous. 

Top of the Pile #7 - ACA Neo Geo Super Sidekicks

Goal! Goooooal! GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!

The Monday Poem by Selina Tusitala Marsh

Every day this week the Spinoff Review of Books is publishing a new poem in the build-up to the Phantom Billstickers national poetry day on Friday. Today: 'The Dogs of Talimatau' by Selina Tusitala Marsh

The grandmother of New Zealand poetry: an essay by Helen Hogan, 94 this month

All week this week the Spinoff Review of Books devotes itself to poetry in the build-up to Phantom Billstickers national poetry day on Friday. Today: an essay by the remarkable Helen Hogan, who brought poetry to a generation of young New Zealanders.

Climate change is coming for the economy, and New Zealand needs to adapt

Climate change is going to dramatically disfigure New Zealand’s economy, cutting up to half our GDP, according to fund manager Lance Wiggs. The good news? We have a chance to lead in a new low-carbon world – or we could do nothing and perhaps see our economy, and society, collapse.

Climate change is already destroying lives in the Pacific

As the rest of the world largely ignores the gradual onset of climate, for the people of the Pacific their lives are already being drastically affected. Former President of Kiribati Anote Tong says we must act together to help his people survive climate change.

The cure for cancer may be closer than we think, all thanks to a Kiwi invention

Lots of companies say they want to change the world, Prof. Steve Henry says he's serious.

Politics podcast: Greens post-Metiria, return of the bootcamp and war with Australia

As the breakneck pre-election pace continues, the Gone By Lunchtime committee convenes to discuss the big issues such as cabbages. With Ben Thomas marooned in Wellington, Duncan Greive pod-hops to join GBLT's Toby Manhire and Annabelle Lee, but we do take a moment to call and sing him a song.