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WWI API Examples

To help you find and work with relevant New Zealand First World War related content, we've gathered some useful links and resources.

The WW100 tag

DigitalNZ runs a process each week that finds and tags all World War One related records. The tagged records are the equivalent of a general search for:

"1st world war" OR "world war one" OR "World War, 1914" OR "world war i" OR "world war 1" OR "first world war"

The resulting records have the term "WW100" added to the 'tag' field in order to make it easier to work with as a scoped subset of DigitalNZ records.

Below is a list of examples for various searches within the WW100 tag. For each we've included links view the records on the main DigitalNZ search website, and the corresponding API call. See our GovHack Infopack for further information about working with the DigitalNZ API, including getting your very own api_key, see the API docs.

All WW100 tagged records:

DigitalNZ search:[tag]=WW100

API query:<your_api_key> &and[tag]=WW100

WW100 Radio New Zealand records

DigitalNZ search:[tag]=WW100&i[primary_collection]=Radio+New+Zealand

API query:<your_api_key>&and[tag]=WW100&and[primary_collection]=Radio+New+Zealand

WW100 "Pacific" (text search) Images

DigitalNZ search:[tag]=WW100&tab=Images&tab=Images&text=pacific&tab=Images&view=gallery

API query:<your_api_key>&and[tag]=WW100&and[category]=Images&text=pacific

WW100 Videos

DigitalNZ search:

API query:<your_api_key>&and[tag]=WW100&and[category]=Videos

WW100 reusable content (usage = 'Modify')

Before downloading, copying or reusing anything found through the DigitalNZ, you'll need to understand what you are allowed to do with the item and its metadata. To help find material that may be suitable for reuse DigitalNZ's 'usage' field provides the ability to filter on what you are able to do with the content (ie Share, Modify and Use commercially).

DigitalNZ search:[usage]=Modify

API query:<your_api_key>&and[tag]=WW100&and[usage]=Modify

WW100 tagged API facets

DigitalNZ's API provides access to faceted information about each search. Faceted search is often used as a user interface technique for helping users to refine their searches. Facets can also provide useful information and insights into the results being returned for any given search. For more information about working with DigitalNZ's API facets see the API docs.

API facets (content_partner, display_collection, subject, usage, year, and placename):<your_api_key>&and[tag]=WW100&per_page=0&facets_per_page=100&facets=content_partner,display_collection,subject,usage,year,placename

The World War 1914-1918 - Official H Series

The Official H series is the collection of official photographs taken by Henry Armytage Sanders, the official photographer on the Western Front, during WW1. These images have no known copyright restrictions. though please refer to the licence statement for individual images for specific details on this.

Search from National Library of New Zealand:[tag]=WW100+-+Official+war+series

API query:<your_api_key>&and[tag]=WW100+-+Official+war+series&and[primary_collection]=TAPUHI

Archives New Zealand - Archway (NZ Defence Force Personnel records)

Archives New Zealand holds the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Personnel Files for all known New Zealanders who served in the First World War. Because the original files are restricted for preservation reasons, they have digitised the collection (over 140,000 individual records).  The records contain information of interest to personal and professional researchers alike, such as a person’s movements, promotions or punishments, what medals they received, their health, and other biographical information.

The metadata for these files is available through the DigitalNZ API. Archives New Zealand also has the NZDF Personnel File List available for download (.xls).

DigitalNZ search:[primary_collection]=Archway

API query:<your_api_key> &and[primary_collection]=Archway