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By fiona.

Today says 'Kia ora world!' and takes a little bow. We're very pleased to introduce you to the work we've been undertaking over the last months and encourage you to have a click around and explore our new site.

Beta.Digitalnz.Org Home Page

This is the first small step in the journey that is refreshing and upgrading the search site. You will see that the beta is a basic version of the current On you can:

  • – search across the collections of nearly 200...

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Update on DigitalNZ’s big year of renovations

By fiona.

As we mentioned back in March, we've got a whole lot going on this year.  We're continuing to work hard on our renovation of the DigitalNZ site and services. As with many renovation projects a lot of hard work has been done “back of house”. We've been getting DigitalNZ’s infrastructure ready for the expanded functionality and we've been working on the wireframes - a blueprint that outlines the skeleton of the website.

Blueprint Of Dunningham Residence Auckland Libraries

Image: "Proposed residence for W. E. B. Dunningham 226 Garnet Rd...

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The DigitalNZ Day

By fiona.

On the 15 October, over 40 people gathered at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington, to take part in DigitalNZ Day. This day was a forum for people to share their thoughts on the future of DigitalNZ and talk about how DigitalNZ could work more collaboratively.

In the first part of the day the DigitalNZ team presented on our progress in 2015, with a deep dive into some key pieces of our work:

- Values Research;

- People Concepts;

- and the work we've been doing with...

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Introducing the DigitalNZ Concepts API

By chris mcdowall.

At the 2013 National Digital Forum we shared our initial linked data experiments. During the intervening period we have continued to explore these ideas. Today we release the first proper iteration of our Concepts API and we are very excited! We want this data service to be simple and immediately useful. Linked data has earned a reputation of having a steep learning curve. Our aim is to create a linked data API that any interested person could pick up and start using based on a...

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Metadata battles

By thomasin sleigh.

Here at DigitalNZ we enjoy an end-of-year Christmas list as much as the next person. This year we thought we could turn our data-obsessed eyes towards the metadata of our excellent content partners and compare and contrast their collections.

Who has the most “cats” in their collection? And who has the most "Christmas"?

These are serious questions that call for answers!

If you are a bit confused by the word ‘metadata’, this simply means the information which describes a digital item. For...

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Nips, tucks, and refreshes

By thomasin sleigh.

If you are a regular visitor, you’ll have noticed a few changes we’ve been rolling out on the site over the last six months or so. We thought it’d be helpful to let you know what we’ve been up to, and also ask for any feedback or thoughts you have about these changes.


Firstly, at the end of last year, we worked with our amazing developers Boost New Media and designers Clicksuite, and made mobile and tablet friendly. Before, it was tricky trying to...

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By thomasin sleigh.

This Q&A is the second in our collection of sixth birthday celebration interviews. We thought it was a good opportunity to check in with an organisation using the DigitalNZ's data, in particular our Application Programming Interface (API)*, so we had a chat with UC CEISMIC, a digital repository of information relating to the Christchurch earthquakes.

Uc Ceismic

How did UC CEISMIC come to work with the DigitalNZ API?

DigitalNZ were involved in the UC CEISMIC project from its early phases but...

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DigitalNZ celebrates 6 years

By thomasin sleigh.

Back in February 2008, the founding DigitalNZ project team was established, and they set about building up the services that we all know and love today. There was a moment early in our life when our identity was nearly all orange and pink—but this early disaster was luckily averted!


We've come a long way since then. We now work with nearly 150 amazing content partners, and bring together over 26 million pieces of digital content from all over Aotearoa.

To celebrate our sixth birthday, we've...

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Christmas top tens and favourites

By thomasin sleigh.
'Tis the season to summarise! There's nothing better than a good ol' Christmas top ten list, right?


Winning athletes on podium during awards ceremony for the six mile event, 1950 British Empire Games, Eden Park, Auckland. Ref: 114/125/34-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Let's get right into the top ten, most viewed, sets of 2013:

1. 'Patched: A History of Gangs in New Zealand' takes out the number one set spot. Put together by...

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Creative people build creative sets

By thomasin sleigh.

I recently started working here at DigitalNZ, and quickly discovered my love of set-making. The process is often strange, intuitive and surprising.

Image: Carver, Robert William Ind 1838-1907 :Bell's kitchen garden 1892. Ref: A-164-020. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

DigitalNZ has over 25 million pieces of digital content, so you never quite know what you are going to turn up. Sometimes I think of it like digging for potatoes, you...

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