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Plans and reports

Each year DigitalNZ works with its Advisory Board to confirm an aspirational workplan and set of priorities for the upcoming year. We work to continuously improve the DigitalNZ services, improve the quality and coverage of NZ digital content, and work with content partners and our community to better support them. Our priorities are then distributed across the year into four quarterly plans we call 'waves' of work.


Work plans

Advisory Board 

As with any initiative, unexpected opportunities and blocks can arise at any time which can impact on the plan, however the workplan, and the more specific quarterly plans, enable us to prioritise and track what we're doing. As we progress through the calendar year we will post updates on progress against the plans, and also post a summary of minutes from our quarterly Advisory Board meetings.

This is all part of our efforts to be open and transparent about the work we do. If you have any comment or feedback please contact us... we'd love to hear from you!