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Who we are

The DigitalNZ team is based in Wellington at the National Library of New Zealand. The good folk below who run this website, and the supporting systems, are part of a larger DigitalNZ Group within the Department of Internal Affairs here in New Zealand.

Current team

In addition to having a love of all things digital, the current team is a fan of sweet treats. Special favourites include chocolate covered pretzels and party mix.

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Left to right:

  • Ting Sun (Content Coordinator)
  • Thomasin Sleigh (Community Manager)
  • Andy Neale (Head of DigitalNZ)
  • Dan Charles (Content Analyst)
  • Fiona Fieldsend (Manager DigitalNZ Services)

To get the inside story on our team members and what they really do, check out the team profiles.

Advisory Board

The DigitalNZ Advisory Board provides very helpful advice and guidance on the work of DigitalNZ. We thank them so much for their time and effort:

  • Bill Macnaught (National Library of New Zealand)
  • Keitha Booth (Government Data and Information Re-use Programme)
  • Brian Flaherty (University of Auckland)
  • Mark Horgan (Department of Internal Affairs)
  • Adrian Kingston (Te Papa Tongarewa)
  • Glen Barnes (My Tours and Company Box
  • Rick Shera (Lowndes Jordan)


A number of incredible people have worked on the DigitalNZ team over its history, and we count ourselves lucky to have such illustrious alumni:

  • Chelsea Hughes
  • Chris McDowall
  • Courtney Johnston
  • Elliot Young
  • Gordon Paynter
  • Jane Hornibrook
  • Jo Eaton
  • Karen Rollitt
  • Lewis Brown
  • Petra Edmunds
  • Virginia Gow
  • Adrian Kingston