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Search tricks

The DigitalNZ filters and the fuzzy, boolean, wildcard, and range search options will help you narrow your search results. But you can also do some URL hacking if you really want to get deep into the DigitalNZ search tools! URL hacking is when you learn about how the web addresses are constructed so you can edit them in the browser. It's not for everyone, but here are some details if you are interested.

In the DigitalNZ URLs, there are various parameters that you an edit directly in your browser address bar:

  • content_partner is the name of the organisation providing the content
  • format is the type of material such as Images, Audio, Text, Video, Data
  • primary_collection is the name of the website or subsection that the metadata is organised into
  • usage is the usage activity that is supported such as Share, Modify, or Use commercially. All rights reserved is used when there is no specific usage activity supported
  • text is the keyword phrase that you want to search for

A typical search query URL might look like this:

You can search for a particular collection or primary collection like this.[content_partner]=Wiki+New+Zealand

You can use wildcard asteroid characters to find all content partners that begin with a particular string.[content_partner]=Wiki+New*

You can search for results for a particular collection like this:[primary_collection]=Te+Ara+-+The+Encyclopedia+of+New+Zealand

Formats are searched like:[format]=Audio

You can string multiple criteria together with ampersands. For example:[primary_collection]=Te+Ara+-+The+Encyclopedia+of+New+Zealand&i[format]=Images&text=kiwi