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Using filters to narrow your search

There are over 28 million pieces of New Zealand content listed on DigitalNZ, and that can be a lot of material to sort through!

By default, your search results will display in a list on the first tab under 'All'. You can use the tabs at the top of your search to see your results in other formats:


If you click the 'More' drop down menu, you will find further formats that have content related to your search:


You can also refine your search further by using the filters.

Click the 'OPEN FILTERS' button at the top of the page.

Open Filters

You'll see the filter menu bar open with options for narrowing in different ways. You can also click the 'HIDE FILTERS' button to close the filter menu.


Here, you can narrow your results by 'USAGE'. Try clicking the 'Share' or 'Modify' buttons and then doing a search to see the different types of results you bring back.

You can also use the date slider to narrow your results to within certain years. Just click and drag the two circle end-points to the start and end dates you are interested in. Like so:

Date Slider

If you still have the filter menu bar open, you may need to scroll down to see results, or you can hide filters to give you more space.

It is also important to know that DigitalNZ has an infinite scroll function. So, your results will simply continue to appear as you scroll through.

Infinite Scroll

Happy exploring!