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Make it Digital

DigitalNZ's one-stop shop for questions about creating digital content in New Zealand. Here you can ask questions about creating digital content and learn about digitisation good practice from the Make it Digital Guides.

Getting Started - Making Things Digital

The Make it Digital approach is to identify elements of good practice for digital content creation based on an understanding of the digital content life cycle (including digitising family history & whakapapa).

Selecting for digitisation

Whether you plan to create new material or digitise existing material, having a robust selection and prioritisation process will be key to a successful outcome (including the Make it Digital Scorecard)

Creating Digital Content

The choices you make at the point of creation, in particular the format that your content is created in, greatly affects how useful and long-lived your content will be.

Describing digital content

File naming conventions are essential to good workflow and organisation, while structured metadata that follows open standards is central to usability and interoperability.

Managing Digital Content

Acquiring a basic knowledge and practice of records or collection management is a pre-requisite for good digital content management.

Preserving Digital Content

Digital preservation involves strategies to back up, archive and migrate your digital content to new media and software systems over time to keep it viable

Enabling Use & Reuse

Good practice needs to encourage users to respect clear rights and licence statements that focus on permitted behaviour and providing value that does not rely on controlling copies (Including the new Remix guide).

Ask a Question

Need some advice on any aspect of digitisation or digital content creation? Ask your questions in this forum... or jump in with your own answers to other people's questions.

Voting Tool Information

The Make it Digital voting tool was a way for people to communicate their need for NZ digital content. From mid 2009 until mid 2012 anyone could nominate content for digitisation and encourage their communities to vote and leave comments to demonstrate need. The voting tool is no longer active but you can still view and download all of the ideas, related comments and voting data.