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Helping New Zealand build strong communities


How we can help

Getting started

Most projects start off as an idea. A person, members of a community, hapū or iwi  or an organisation sees an opportunity or a need, or finds that something they want is not available. They may see how resources in the community could be used in a new way or to achieve a new purpose.

It's always useful to find out

  • what services or activities your community already has
  • what  needs are not being met, and why
  • what your community, hapū or iwi considers its goals are.  

Check out section 1 - Getting started in the Community Resource Kit to learn more about community planning and development.

Our advisors can help you to find out about:

  • the existing services and activities in your community
  • what community needs are not being met, and why
  • how to identify your community, hapū or iwi’s goals
  • planning and development processes
  • gathering information and using it within your community organisation or for shared community development planning.

For more information contact your local advisor.

Planning, governance and management

Good planning, governance and management are needed to run a successful community project or an organisation, hapū or iwi.

There are a wide range of community organisations in New Zealand. They are all at different stages of development, from just starting out to well established and/or well managed. An organisation may go through times of strength and also times of challenge when it needs to refocus on its purpose and priorities, or its plan for the future.

Follow these links to the Community Resource Kit for useful guides and templates for planning, setting up organisation structures, and developing good governance and management practices.

These links provide more guides and information about good governance and management.

Community, voluntary and sector policy advice is available from the Department of Internal Affairs, as well as information on Charities Services. The Community Law website provides legal advice for community organisations.

Our advisors can provide advice and support to help you develop good governance and management practices. For more information, contact your local advisor.

Setting up relationships

Working well with others is important for building strong, sustainable communities, hapū and iwi.  Sharing resources or information helps avoid doubling up, and makes sure the most suitable services or activities are provided to meet community, hapū and iwi goals.

Our advisors work with other government departments, local councils, hapū, iwi, community organisations, networks, businesses, economic development agencies and other funders.  We may be able to provide advice about:

  • managing activities together
  • forming partnerships
  • connecting with government departments, local councils, hapū, iwi, community organisations, networks, businesses and funders
  • avoiding duplication
  • sharing expert knowledge
  • networking and connecting with people who can help with your plans.

Facilitation and training

Facilitation is a key part of running successful meetings, planning sessions and workshops.  The basic skills of a facilitator are following good meeting practices, including timekeeping, following an agreed agenda, making sure participants have the opportunity to join in, and keeping a clear record.

Many community organisations, hapū and iwi recognise that people need special skills, knowledge and experience for the roles they do. Staff and volunteers may need training for the services and activities they take on.

Our advisors can connect you with local training providers and resources to help you run successful meetings, planning sessions and workshops. They can help you find funding options for training or a development project.  We may be able to develop and deliver training programmes and workshops with you, or act as a facilitator for you. For more information, contact your local advisor.

Managing volunteers

Many community organisations, hapū and iwi rely on volunteers to help provide their services and activities.  The success of these services and activities often depends on how well volunteers are recruited, welcomed, trained, managed and recognised.

These links to the Community Resource Kit  provide useful guides and information to help you manage volunteers.

Volunteering New Zealand, Charities ServicesSocial Development Partners  and CommunityNet Aotearoa also have guides and information that may help you. Our advisors can provide information and advice to help you recruit and manage volunteers.  Contact your local advisor.