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Lottery Rangitaiki River Stopbank Breach Recovery Fund

The Lottery Grants Board set up this special Fund to help the people in  Edgecumbe and the surrounding community affected by the Rangitaiki River stopbank breach.

The fund is for grants to organisations helping to improve the wellbeing of people living in Edgecumbe and the surrounding communities affected by the stopbank breach.

An amount of $1 million has been available from 8 May 2017.

There is no closing date for this Fund. It will remain open until the total amount available has been allocated.

Funding for outcomes

A subcommittee of the Lottery Bay of Plenty/Gisborne Community Committee allocates the Fund.

Its funding outcomes are that the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of people living within the affected areas is improved. The community benefits must be of a public rather than a personal nature.

Requests for grants are more likely to be funded if the benefits or outcomes for people in the affected communities, hapū or iwi are clearly shown. This includes requests for capital works grants up to $30,000 for the recovery of community facilities.

For more information see the Lottery Grants Board’s approach to funding for outcomes.

Who may request grants

Only not-for-profit organisations providing services to people in Edgecumbe and the surrounding community affected by the Rangitaiki River stopbank breach may request grants from this Fund.

Organisations requesting grants need to provide their most recent annual accounts, financial statements or performance report unless this information is already available to us online.

For relief funds only:

  • organisations that are not legal entities may request grants of more than $10,000
  • there is no limit to the number of grant requests an organisation can make. (This includes organisations that have received a lottery grant since July 2016, as the usual restriction of only one lottery grant per year does not apply to this fund)
  • a separate budget is not required. In response to the first question on the request form, organisations need to show how it will use the grant requested.

Organisations requesting grants need to show:

  • what you want funding for, including how you intend to use the amount requested to support people in the community affected and their immediate community needs
  • how you will address these needs
  • what benefits or outcomes will result from your activities, project or services
  • how you will know that you’ve achieved these benefits or outcomes
  • the total amount you are requesting.

What we do not fund

Lottery grants may not be used for:

  • projects intended to make profits or gain for a person or organisation, unless any profit or gain is incidental (not the project’s main purpose)
  • commercial, political and/or religious activities, including employment and/or business projects, commercial businesses, political advocacy or projects that look to change legislation
  • fundraising activities and projects for raising funds, or for training or employing fundraisers
  • repaying or servicing debt
  • refinancing loans, deposits or underwriting projects
  • projects that pass on funding to others
  • overseas aid or disaster relief
  • services for alcohol and drug treatment, education and support
  • medical expenses, operations, treatments or projects to buy major items of health equipment
  • capital investments or trust funds
  • projects that have been finished or costs that came up before the closing date for funding requests.

The subcommittee does not fund:

  • multi-year grant requests
  • individuals
  • research, including large scale research plans, feasibility studies for capital projects, and health research
  • capital works over $30,000, including project management fees
  • purchase of food for food banks
  • alcohol and similar substances, for example kava
  • requests that fit the priorities for the Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which include:
  • volunteer fire-fighting services
  • overseas travel
  • animal welfare
  • financial and governance training.

Requests for grants are made online. Find out about how to login and requesting a grant.

Grants made

The subcommittee for the Lottery Rangitaiki River Stopbank Breach Recovery Fund has awarded the following grants:

May 2017




Whakatane District Council


To   employ an Events Coordinator to work alongside the community to plan and   coordinate organised events for Edgecumbe to support the recovery effort.

Growing Through Grief Whakatane


To   support the operating and project costs of an educational peer support   program specifically developed for children who have experienced natural   disaster. 


June 2017




Bay of Plenty Acacia Charitable Trust Board


To provide a service to digitally copy photographs for stopbank breach affected families.

EBAT Charitable Trust


Operational costs and storage for the Pou Whakaaro Furniture for Homes Project.

Edgecumbe Playcentre


Wages, operational costs, equipment and volunteer support enabling the play centre to continue to provide their service for children.

Life Education Trust EBOP


To provide curriculum themes to support recovery and wellbeing.

New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups Inc


To provide information packs to those affected by the stopbank breach in collaboration with other not-for-profit sector partners supporting recovery and wellbeing.

Patutaatahi Kohanga Reo


To enable the kohanga reo to operate out of their temporary premises which are also used by other community groups, support towards operational costs, resources, equipment and storage.  Subsidise a kohanga outing to Rotorua for tamariki.

Whakatane District Council


Funding for community events to support the enhancement of the social wellbeing of the Edgecumbe community.