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Additional funds for communities announced in Budget 2017

The Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Hon Alfred Ngaro, has announced an additional investment of:

Next steps for Community-led Development

We are seeking expressions of interest from community, hapū and iwi who would like to participate in the next phase of the Community-led Development Programme. In April the first five partnership agreements were confirmed.
Now these are underway, a further eight to ten partnership opportunities are available.

Learning from listening

After the first phase of requests for partnership, we surveyed those communities, hapū and iwi who made a request to find out about their experiences of the process and what we could do better.

We found that:

  • face–to-face discussions with our advisors as early as possible were valued
  • we need to improve the visibility of our process and the selection of communities, and
  • we need to be clearer about what you and your community can expect from a partnership agreement.

We are committed to applying the suggestions from the first phase of the partnership programme and to looking for ways we can make it easier for your community, hapū and iwi to consider the opportunity of a partnering agreement.

Based on this feedback, we’ve made a number of changes to make the process easier, including:

  • providing an invitation to you and your community, hapū and iwi to express your interest on the form below or by contacting our local office nearest to you
  • our advisors will arrange a face–to-face meeting with you to explore what you and your community are wanting to achieve, and whether the Community-led Development Programme would be a good fit to support this
  • after this meeting, and if we agree that a community–led partnership agreement would be a good fit for you and your community, you will be invited to complete a Request for Partnership.   

We also want to make it easier for you and your community to participate in and be heard through the assessment and decision–making processes, so we are also making changes to how this works. We will give you more information about the timeline and what is happening with your request during our assessment and decision-making. This is to ensure you will have access and input into these processes, which will give us a good understanding of how your community is working together and what you want to achieve.

Express your interest

If your community has already made a Request for Partnership, including those which were not accepted in the first round, an advisor will contact you to confirm whether you would like to continue with your request and how we can support this.

If you have not yet made a Request for Partnership, please answer the brief Expression of Interest questions on the form below and email you answers to or simply phone our office that is nearest to you and discuss your interest with one of our advisors.

Expressions of Interest for the next round of partnership agreements close on 30 June and this will be the last intake for 2017.

With current plans, there will be a limited opportunity for further partnership agreements in mid-2018.

Download an Expression of Interest Information SheetPDF, 2 pages, 403kb

Community-led Development Programme

Nominations sought for Lottery Committee vacancies

13 March 2017

The Minister of Internal Affairs is starting a process to appoint people to Lottery committees.

Lottery committees distribute the profits of New Zealand lotteries for community purposes.

Information about what each committee does; the skills and experience committee members should have, the time commitment and fees paid is included for each committee with vacancies on the links here:

Regional committees

National committees

Nominations are invited from a number of different sources and a nomination will not necessarily result in a person being appointed.

A person may be nominated by an organisation, by someone else, or may nominate themselves.

The nomination form includes a section for the nominated person to declare any potential conflict of interest or any other issue that could affect their suitability for appointment. The Department of Internal Affairs may check the accuracy of the information provided about the nominated person.

Nomination form

Nomination form - PDF (PDF, 70KB)
Nomination form - WORD (DOCX, 89KB)

Please complete this nomination form and send it, with an up-to-date CV for the nominated person, to

Nominations close at 5.00 pm on Friday 24 March 2017

The Lottery committees were established under the Gambling Act 2003. Committee members are appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs. The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board decides how much funding to allocate to each committee to distribute. The Board’s 2016 Annual Report provides more information about the contributions Lottery committees make to New Zealand communities.

For more information on the appointments process, contact Craig Press on 04 495 9354 or

Tip for accessing your organisation profile

Here’s a tip for profile secretaries accessing their organisation profile.

Diagram indicating where to access your organisation profile

1. Select the Organisation Profile.

2. If this arrow appears, click on it also.

3. Then open the organisation profile by clicking on it.

More tips

Norman Kirk Memorial Trust wins Trust of the Year

Chair of the Norman Kirk Memorial Trust Peter Swain says they are very honoured that the Trust has been awarded the 2015 NZ Trust of the Year Award by the New Zealand Trustees Association.

More information is available: Media release - Norman Kirk Memorial Trust wins Trust of the Year (.pdf 0.32mb)

New Community Leadership Fund announced

The Community Leadership Fund – Hapori Whakatipu was announced on 3 May 2016.

More information is available: Media release - New Community Leadership Fund announced

Lottery Significant Project Fund opens for Expressions of Interest

Secretary to the Lottery Grants Board, Robyn Nicholas announced today the opening of the 2014/15 Lottery Significant Projects Fund.

“In July of this year the Lottery Grant Board announced it had allocated a further $15 million to the Lottery Significant Projects Fund.

“This funding will enable significant community based projects to be undertaken and provide lasting benefits for both current communities and future generations” said Ms Nicholas.

“From today groups with community projects worth $3 million or more can lodge an expression of interest for funding. Groups are encouraged to use this process as it will enable them to receive early feedback on whether their project meets the funding criteria. Staff can also provide support when completing a full application.”

In 2013/14, the Lottery Significant Projects Fund distributed over $28 million to support 12 projects throughout New Zealand. These projects were diverse and covered a range of sectors including the arts and cultural projects, sporting facilities and environmental projects. The projects funded included:

  • Waitangi National Trust Board –received $5,750,000 towards the development of a Museum of Waitangi which will enhance visitor experience and provide an increased awareness and understanding of the Treaty story;
  • Theatre Royal Charitable Foundation – received $6,000,000 towards the cost of rebuilding the iconic Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch;
  • Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust – received $1,250,000 towards the cost of installing a fence to create a pest-free ecosystem in mature native forest in Nelson; 
  • AUT Millennium Ownership Trust – received $4,420,000 towards the cost of constructing a National Aquatics Centre at Mairangi Bay on Auckland’s North Shore.

Information about eligibility criteria and application requirements is available on the Community Matters website or by calling 0800 824 824.

Expressions of interest for the 2014/15 Lottery Significant Projects Fund open on 17 November 2014 and can be submitted until 12 December 2014.  

Full applications for the Lottery Significant Projects Fund can be made from 28 January 2015, with the Fund closing on 11 March 2015.