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Can you apply for grant funding? Ka āhei koe ki te tono takuhe putea?

Step 1

Find out if you or your organisation meets the requirements to request grant funding:

NOTE: for Requests for Partnership for the Community-Led Development Programme, go to How to login – the requirements for requests for grants are not used with this programme.

Step 2

Once you've worked out if you or your organisation can apply for a grant, find out which grant options might meet your need:

Step 3

Make sure any reports that are due for previous grants are submitted on time. The status of any reports will be considered when a new grant is requested, and could affect whether it is approved.

Reporting on grants

What happens when a grant request is submitted?

  • We check grant requests to make sure the planned activity fits the requirements of the funding scheme. We check whether you have provided all of the information we need such as the budget.
  • Then we check the grant requests against the policies, purpose and requirements of the fund. For organisations, this includes assessing your planning and how well prepared you are for the funding. The assessment could be done by Community Operations, committee members or trustees, depending on the type of grant
  • All requests are then referred to the members of a decision-making committee, Trust or advisory group. They make a final assessment of each request considering the fund's purposes and priorities and the outcomes or benefits that may be achieved.
  • The decision-making committee, trust or advisory group then meets and decides which requests will receive grants or fellowships. It decides how much funding will be approved and any special reporting requirements or exclusions that will apply. (To find out when this meeting will be held, check the important dates.)
  • You will be told the outcome of your grant request shortly after the meeting. You will usually be contacted by email.
  • You can follow the progress of any grant requests you’ve made online by logging in and checking the options on the menu bar. You will also find the templates for any reports that are pending or due.