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Community Leadership FundHapori Whakatipu

This Fund provides government grants to not-for-profit organisations with a national focus, whose main role is to provide leadership and build capability:

  • across the whole community and voluntary sector, or
  • within a specific interest area of the community and voluntary sector.

The Fund aims to help to strengthen leadership and capability across the community and voluntary sector.

Organisations requesting grants must demonstrate they have appropriate governance, management structures and processes in place to support the size and complexity of the project that they are requesting funding for.

There is one funding round each year and all grant requests must be submitted by 12 July 2017.

We will let people know if their request has been successful by 25 August 2017.

Funding outcomes

Grants are made to organisations whose requests show how they will achieve and measure these outcomes:

  • leadership and capability across the sector is strengthened
  • collaboration and connection across the sector is strengthened
  • social enterprise is fostered
  • volunteering is supported
  • community led-development is supported and enabled.

For more information see the guidance notes on funding for outcomes.

What we fund

The Fund will invest in requests that:

  • contribute to achieving this Fund’s aims and outcomes, and
  • align with the priorities of:
    • supporting collaboration and connection across the sector
    • social enterprise
    • volunteering
    • community led-development.

Requests for initiatives that expand services or contribute to the community and voluntary sector will be considered

What we do not fund

Grants may not be used for:

  • repaying or servicing debt
  • generating profits
  • projects or activities to promote commercial, political or religious activities, including political advocacy, employment and/or business initiatives, commercial enterprises or initiatives which look to change legislation
  • requests from fundraisers, including commercial or professional fundraisers whose purpose is to distribute money to others
  •  requests where there is evidence of a conflict of interest which, in the opinion of the decision-makers, has not been disclosed by those requesting the grant or has not been satisfactorily managed or the risk reduced when the request was made.

How much to apply for

There is no limit to the amount that your organisation can apply for. Grants over $10,000 can be made only to organisations with legal entity status.

Requesting a grant

1. Review the information on requesting a grant to see if your organisation meets the requirements for this Fund.
2. Find out what supporting documents must be available on your organisation profile or online at Charities Services. You must meet these requirements by the closing date.
3. Complete a budget to submit with your request.
4. Log in to our online system to create or update your organisation’s profile and individual profiles of the request contact people.
5. An online request form will be available from 31 May 2017.

If a grant is offered

If your organisation is offered a grant, you will be sent an email and invited to login to review and accept an online grant agreement.

The agreement will include full details of any reporting you need to provide, a payments schedule and any special conditions for your grant.

You may accept the agreement online, or contact us if you want to discuss the reporting requirements or special conditions. However, the amount we offer is not negotiable.

All reporting is done online. You will also need to provide any other information we require. This may include a progress or final report on the income and expenditure relating to the budget sent with your grant request.

Grants made


Organisation Amount Description
Ara Taiohi Incorporated $60,000 Ara Taiohi builds leadership and capability in youth development, a community and voluntary sector specific interest area. Ara Taiohi does not work directly with youth; it works with community and voluntary sector organisations and individuals who work with youth. The grant will support a youth sector development project.
Hui E! Community Aotearoa $120,000 Hui E! is a recognised leader in growing community and voluntary sector capability in New Zealand. Hui E! has a collaborative leadership approach and strong relationships within the sector. The grant will support core operations.
The Ākina Foundation $85,000 The Ākina Foundation is acknowledged as the lead organisation in social enterprise in New Zealand. Social enterprise is a specific interest area in the community and voluntary sector. The grant will support core operations and work with growing social enterprise.
The Inspiring Communities Trust $120,000 Inspiring Communities is regarded as the lead organisation in community led-development, a community and voluntary sector specific interest area. Nationally and internationally recognised, Inspiring Communities plays an enabling and hands on role in supporting community led-development across the country. The grant will support core operations.
The Volunteer Army Foundation $50,000 The Volunteer Army Foundation provides leadership and capability building for volunteering in New Zealand. The grant will support the Foundation’s programme of working with schools to develop the volunteers of the future.
Volunteering New Zealand Incorporated $65,000 Volunteering New Zealand plays a significant leadership and capability building role for volunteering in New Zealand. The grant will support core operations.