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Lottery Outdoor Safety Te Tahua Whakaruru-hau

This Fund makes grants to not-for-profit organisations whose main purpose is water safety or outdoor safety. This includes water safety or outdoor safety organisations that provide search and rescue activities. Organisations working at a national, regional or local level may request grants.

  • Grants are only available to air-based rescue service providers where search and rescue missions are significant to their operations and are limited to projects that build their search and rescue capability.

Grants are one-off contributions for:

  • ongoing operational costs, for existing or expanded services and activities
  • projects beyond an organisation’s day-to-day operations
  • buying equipment or assets, including rescue craft.

Minor capital works projects valued at $30,000 or less may also be funded.

You need to include a budget for the type of grant you are requesting. If your request is for minor capital works, you will need two quotes for the building or renovation costs. For details on funding limits and requirements, see the supporting document requirements for organisations.

There is one funding round per year and all grant requests must be submitted by 12 July 2017.

Funding for outcomes

Outcomes are all the changes, benefits, learning and effects that happen, or start to happen, as a result of activities, projects or services. The outcome for Lottery Outdoor Safety is to enhance water safety or outdoor safety for New Zealand communities through grants for:

  • a capable and effective water safety or outdoor safety sector
  • an increase in outdoor users’ safety knowledge and skills

Grants are made to organisations whose requests show the benefits and outcomes that will be achieved for your water safety or outdoor safety organisation, sector or community, hapū or iwi, and how you will show or measure this. Follow this link for more information about the Lottery Grants Board’s approach to community outcomes.


The Committee will give priority to grant requests that will:

  • increase collaboration in the water or outdoor safety sector, including sharing knowledge, practices and resources.
  • maintain effectiveness and volunteer capability water or outdoor safety sector organisations
  • increase water or outdoor safety knowledge and skills in communities, hapū or iwi. 

Requests for collaborative projects, programmes or activities that show a clear management structure and the roles or responsibilities of each of the parties are more likely to be funded.

What we don’t fund

Lottery grants may not be used for any of the following:

  • repaying or servicing debt
  • refinancing loans, deposits or underwriting projects
  • commercial, political and/or religious objectives, including employment and/or business initiatives, commercial enterprises, political advocacy or projects which seek to change legislation
  • fundraisers and projects which seek to raise funds in or for a specific sector, or are involved with the training or employment of fundraisers
  • projects which seek to redistribute funding to others
  • overseas aid or disaster relief
  • alcohol and drug treatment, education and support services
  • medical expenses, operations, treatments or the purchase of major items of health equipment
  • capital investment or trust fundsprojects or activities completed (retrospective funding) or items bought before the request is made.

Lottery Outdoor Safety does not fund:

  • individuals
  • safety activity and equipment for outdoor education, sport, leisure and/or recreation programmes
  • urban search and rescue services such as Civil Defence and local community volunteer rescue teams
  • general accident prevention, personal safety programmes and projects, playground safety, road safety or road accident prevention
  • vehicle purchases or leases, insurance, repairs and maintenance costs
  • major capital works projects costing over $30,000
  • requests for operating costs or projects where outdoor safety is an incidental component rather than the core business of the organisation, such as a community swimming pool seeking the costs of pool attendants.

How much to request

There is no limit to the amount that your organisation can request. Grants over $10,000 can be made only to organisations with legal entity status.

Requesting a grant

1. Review the information on Requesting a grant to see if your organisation meets the requirements for this Fund.

2. Find out what supporting documents must be available on your organisation profile or online at Charities Services. You must meet these requirements by the closing date also.

3. Complete a budget to submit with your request.

4. Log in to our online system to create or update your organisation’s profile, and individual profiles for the request contact people.

5. Complete an online request form.

If a grant is offered

If your organisation is offered a grant, you will be sent an email and invited to login to review and accept an online grant agreement.

The agreement will include full details of any reporting you need to provide, a payments schedule and any special conditions for your grant.

You may accept the agreement online, or contact us if you want to discuss the reporting requirements or special conditions. However, the amount we offer is not negotiable.

All reporting is done online. You will also need to provide any other information we require. This may include a progress or final report on the income and expenditure relating to the budget sent with your grant request.

Promoting Lottery Grants Board support

If lottery grant funding is awarded, your organisation must acknowledge the Lottery Grants Board's support in any publicity materials, such as event programmes or annual reports.

Your privacy in Lotto promotions

Some organisations who receive lottery grants may agree to take part in activities led by Lotto NZ to promote their initiatives and how the funding has changed their communities for the better.

Personal information submitted as part of a lottery funding request will only be shared with Lotto NZ for publicity purposes with the permission of the grant recipients. The sharing of personal information between the Lottery Grants Board and Lotto NZ is managed by a Privacy Agreement between the two organisations.

Grants made