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Author Topic: Looking to start LGBTQI Mixed Football Team for 5-a-Side League!!!  (Read 42 times)

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I sometimes play indoor 5-a-sides with male and female members in Riccarton. Would love to get one going with fellow LGBT people here in Christchurch.

The team would be open to anyone who is interested regardless of level and we'd improve together as a team the more we play together and get more fit! 5-a-sides is a fantastic weekly 30 minute workout and very social and fun.

if we can get up 7/8 members I think we would have enough of a reserve for people who might be injured or can't make it. Teams at Riccarton are made up of 3 male (one of whom is the goalkeeper) and 2 female players (outfield). Obviously the binary might pose problems depending on who is up for it - if trans/non-binary people want to join we will absolutely make sure people play how they are most comfortable  :)

Do get back to me and if we get the numbers we could make a team and score some goals!