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Tuesday 11 April 2017

Questions for Anne Tolley

Posted in: Features
By Transsexuals of New Zealand - 7th July 2013

Anne Tolley
The group Transsexuals of New Zealand has added its voice to the din calling for Corrections Minister Anne Tolley to speed up action over the treatment of trans prisoners:

Dear Ms Tolley,

I am writing on behalf of Transsexuals of New Zealand concerning the treatment of Transgender prisoners.

From media publications on Friday, it would seem you are aware of the Equal Justice Project Report on treatment of Transgender prisoners by Corrections.

We note you have said "Corrections is currently looking at its policies around the care of transgender prisoners."

Corrections have been looking at this since the middle to late last 2012, as many have raised the issue with them. To be merely replying that they are still ‘looking’ is a little condescending after some 8 months or more. Surely it is not too much to expect an outcome or decision as to how they intend to change their policy, if in fact they do, after 8 months.

When can we expect to hear some confirmation that there have been policy changes?

When can we expect to hear policies have been put in place to assure Transgender prisoners safety and what they are?

Can you now give accurate figures as to how many Transgender prisoners are in Corrections care?

We feel eight plus months is more than sufficient time for all this to have been done.

Transsexuals of New Zealand totally support changes to Corrections policies concerning treatment of Transgender prisoners.

We look forward to your response to these three basic questions.


Roxanne Peoples-Henare, Chair TSNZ
Racheal McGonigal, Secretary, Secretary TSNZ
Transsexuals of New Zealand

Transsexuals of New Zealand - 7th July 2013

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