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Tuesday 11 April 2017

How the Human Rights Tribunal ruled

Posted in: Features
By - 18th October 2013


The Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed gay Auckland man Geno Sisneros’ complaint about the Anglican Diocese of Auckland preventing him from becoming a priest. Read its decision here.

It has ruled the Bishop of Auckland did not breach the Human Rights Act because he was complying with church rules – where a priest must be single and celibate, or in a straight marriage.

"The Human Rights Act 1993 allows exceptions to some discrimination laws, including where organised religions are following their doctrine.

"The Tribunal is not asked to deliberate on what the rules, doctrines or established customs within the Anglican Church are, or ought to be."

Read our feature on Geno Sisneros here, where he told us whatever the decision was, it would not change much for him personally anyway - as the Tribunal would not actually be able to change the Church’s policy.

You can read the full decision below: - 18th October 2013

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