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Tuesday 11 April 2017

From Anonymous Sex to Intimate Closeness

Posted in: Safe Sex
By Abdul Hamid - 2nd August 2001

Every man's body is like a power generator of creative energy and intense passion.

That passion can be felt in many ways--as an aching in the balls, as a fire in the belly, as a yearning of the heart. When a man becomes aware of this energy within himself, he longs to express it and share it with his fellow men. Many men find a way to share their masculine energy by cruising for anonymous sex. Cruising is an ancient, ritualistic, and even spiritual activity. It is a celebration of manly desires, instincts, and impulses, uncluttered by personalities. Few words are spoken--everything is communicated through the flame of the soul which sparkles in the eyes.

During anonymous sex, individuals are united on the most basic level--simply as men. But sexuality is not the only way to experience masculine energy. As a cyber-brother wrote to me, every man has a basic need to reach out to other men for companionship, emotional support/intimacy, and comradeship. Sometimes our affections are motivated not by sexual desire but by a desire to connect with another “brother.” Yet due to societal traditions and behavioral restrictions, men are rarely comfortable reaching out to each other in a physical way for fear of sending the wrong messages. It's a shame men can openly express their affections only through romantic love and not through love's other facets.

It is a beautiful thing to spend close, intimate time with another man on a platonic level. This closeness may involve touching, caressing, massaging, snuggling, and even falling asleep together. If, during such intimate activities, a man's cock gets hard, he shouldn't get uptight. He should remember that his sexual organs are a part of his total masculine being, and that not every erection has to be satisfied through intercourse. A hard-on is no different than a swelling of emotion or a fluttering of the heart--they're all ways the body expresses the experiences of life.

The yearning to express one's masculine passion within the community of men is natural and necessary. However, this yearning often breaks up relationships because men have very little practice in expressing their affections beyond romance. Every man should carefully consider the source of his desires. Does he merely need a simple release of sexual tension, or could he use a strong shoulder to lean on? Through that sort of self-awareness, a man can draw toward himself everything he needs out of life.

Another cyber-brother pointed out to me that “Our desires and yearnings can also be a link to our desire for communion with God, Allah, Buddha Nature, the Spirit. I once told someone very dear to me that what I loved about him the most was the fact that I saw God within his eyes. I believe to a certain extent all our deepest desires lead us back to the place where we all come from... that very essence of our manhood, humanity, and creation itself.”

Abdul Hamid - 2nd August 2001

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