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Monday 10 April 2017

Out Takes: Docos

Posted in: Movies
By staff - 27th April 2014

A feature of this year's Out Takes film fest is a strong documentary programme, including Codebreaker - a film about the tragic end to the life of British genius Alan Turing.

Buy tickets through Eventfinda here

Dir: Pratibha Parmar, USA, 2013, 84 mins 



A compelling film documenting the journey of writer, gardener, and human rights activist Alice Walker. From small beginnings growing up in the cotton fields of Georgia, she received international recognition as the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for the groundbreaking novel The Colour Purple. A self-confessed renegade, Walker has had to deal with her share of criticism for her disinterest in submission, her choice of lovers and her choices in general. Walker’s life unfolds and gives witness to her struggles, her achievements, her passions, her hopes for her family and for our future.

Auckland: Fri 30 May, 8.35pm
Wellington: Sun 8 Jun, 6pm
Christchurch: Sun 15 Jun, 6.10pm

Dir: Shaun Kadlec & Deb Tullmann, USA, 2012,
85 mins (some French with English subtitles)



More people are imprisoned each year for homosexuality in Cameroon than in any other country. Homosexuality is viewed as a contagious Western import, a form of demon possession. Here, activists Cédric and Gertrude dream of coming out to their families. When two young women in a remote village are arrested for ‘lesbianism and witchcraft’, brilliant human rights lawyer Alice Nkom steps in to defend them. Cédric and Gertrude’s activism becomes bolder as they work with Alice to help the women. Lyrical and sobering – a vivid portrait of life in modern Africa.

Winner – Best Documentary, Los Angeles OutFest G&L FF 2013

Auckland: Sun 25 May, 2.10pm
Wellington: Sat 31 May, 3pm

Total running time: 93 mins, Dir: Ana Grillo & Beth Nelsen, USA, 2013, 62 mins



The Beavers of Camp Beaverton, participants in Nevada’s annual Burning Man event, provide a secure oasis for women to explore their sexuality. In the spirit of community, art, and self-expression, the Beavers welcome all colours of the rainbow family – lesbian, bisexual, trans, genderqueer and beyond – who come together to commune and play.

Preceded by Silver Stiletto. Detectives investigate a death outside gay bar The Rat and Handbag. And The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name. From the moment Leila and Michela met, desire has grown between them.

Auckland: Sun 1 Jun, 4.45pm
Wellington: Sat 7 Jun, 5pm

Dirs: Ben Cotner & Ryan White, USA, 2013, 109 mins


Paced like an episode of The West Wing, this gripping documentary gives a candid behind-the-scenes look at the legal fight to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage. Using classic battle tactics from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, two traditional legal foes pair up to support gay marriage. It took five years, and two queer couples being steadfast in the face of death threats, to win this battle in the US Supreme Court.

For LGBTI voters here The Case Against 8 shows what determined people-power can achieve in democratic societies.

Auckland: Sun 1 Jun, 12.40pm
Wellington: Sat 7 Jun, 2.50pm

Dirs: Clare Beaven & Nic Stacey, UK, 2011,83 mins



British mathematician Alan Turing helped save millions of lives by breaking the German Enigma code during World War II. A genius who gave birth to the computer age and pioneered artificial intelligence, Turing committed suicide at 41 after being forced to undergo chemical castration because he was gay. In the last 18 months of his life, Turing visited psychiatrist Dr. Franz Greenbaum. Their vividly re-enacted conversations, along with the testimony of people who knew him, explore the pivotal moments in Turing’s life and the pressures that contributed to his suicide in 1954.

Auckland: Sat 31 May, 4.25pm
Wellington: Sun 8 Jun, 2.45pm

Dir: Jim Tushinski, USA, 2013, 93 mins



Dancer and choreographer Wakefield Poole worked on Broadway with theatre legends Stephen Sondheim, Richard Rodgers, Noel Coward, and Ethel Merman among others. In 1971, after seeing a typical example of gay porn, he asked himself why someone couldn’t make one that wasn’t sleazy and depressing. He set out to do just that, called the result Boys in the Sand, and became an overnight sensation. Queer erotica would never be the same. Packed with archival footage, entertaining interviews, and excerpts from his films, this is the story of an outspoken artist in turbulent times.

Auckland: Sun 25 May, 12.15pm & Wed 28 May, 12.30pm
Wellington: Sat 31 May, 1.05pm & Wed 4 Jun, 1pm

Total running time: 94 mins
Dir: Charlie David, Canada, 2013, 80mins


Some viewers may be aware that the internet contains several sites that offer content of an explicit nature. Actually, there are an estimated 370 million pornographic websites and porn is now a 13 billion dollar business. Beginning with a lively history of gay porn over the centuries, I’m A Porn Star profiles the lives and careers of four online porn stars – Brent Everett, Johnny Rapid, Rocco Reed and Colby Jansen. Eye-opening, informative and very sexy.

Preceded by Gingers. Redheads, fire crotches…mocked by some, fetishized by others. A film made especially for ginger lovers.

Auckland: Sun 1 Jun, 8.25pm
Wellington: Fri 6 Jun, 6.35pm
Christchurch: Sun 15 Jun, 8pm

Dir: Kate Logan, USA, 2013, 92 mins



A challenging documentary that tells the shocking stories of American teenagers sent to Escuela Caribe, a Christian behaviour modification programme in the Dominican Republic. 17-yr-old David Wernsman was literally dragged from his bedroom to the airport by strangers without warning – because his parents found out he was gay. Once in this so-called ‘school’, myriad punishments and cruelties are inflicted on the kids in an effort to produce obedient Christian conformists. Made by a young evangelical filmmaker granted unprecedented access to film in this controversial place, she discovers shocking secrets that changed her life.

Auckland: Mon 2 Jun (QB), 1.30pm
Wellington: Sat 7 Jun, 1pm

Dir: Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson, USA, 2013, 76 mins



Out Takes is thrilled to present the story of Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, a Native Hawaiian māhū (transgender) schoolteacher, who inspires a tomboyish young girl to claim her place as leader of a boy’s hula troupe. Proud and confident, Hina passes on ancient Hawaiian culture and traditions to her students, including respect for māhū, those who embrace both the feminine and the masculine traits. An inspiring story that offers a rare glimpse of island life that tourists seldom see, culminating in the school’s rousing year-end hula performance.

Film makers Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson are expected to attend.

Auckland: Sat 24 May, 2.45pm
Wellington: Wed 4 Jun, 6.30pm

Dir: Chelsea McMullan, Canada, 2013, 76 mins



Canadian transgender performer Rae Spoon is a kind of indie troubadour, travelling long distances across the wild open spaces of Canada to perform. Spoon revisits the stretches of rural Alberta that once constituted ‘home’ and confronts memories of growing up queer in an abusive, evangelical household. This genre-defying blend of documentary, musical and road movie segues into fantastical performance sequences in which Spoon sings of childhood, the prairie, death, dinosaurs, the Rapture, gender exploration, and high school romance. An utterly unforgettable experience – and discovering Rae Spoon is this film’s biggest reward.

Auckland: Sat 31 May, 12.50pm
Wellington: Sun 8 Jun, 4.25pm
Christchurch: Sat 14 Jun, 6.45pm

Total running time 84mins
Dir: Heather Winters, USA, 2013, 71 mins


An award-winning documentary that asks: what is a family? Together 22 years, Nashville songwriter Desmond Child and partner Curtis Shaw approach their best friend Angela to be a surrogate mum. Twin boys are born, with Jon Bon Jovi as their not-so-ordinary godfather. There are many forces to overcome, including fighting for government recognition, and their surrogate mum’s parents not quite understanding their relationship to the boys. However, in the end they make being dads and being gay normal.

Preceded by A Last Farewell. A grieving daughter tries to reason with one of her fathers.

Auckland: Sat 24 May, 1pm
Wellington: Mon 2 Jun (QB), 1pm

Dir: Lya Guerra, USA, 2012, 82 mins


Grace Schrafft and Grace Moceri became lovers in the 1970s. Leaving their respective husbands, with their infant children in tow they embarked on a life journey together. A beautifully crafted documentary which explores the ebb and flow of a loveship which spans almost forty years, The Love Part of This is a heartbreaking, funny and extremely moving portrait of life and love in our times, and the stories and struggles of the two Graces will resonate with many.

Best Documentary Feature – Torino GLBT Film Festival 2013

Auckland: Sun 25 May, 5.50pm
Wellington: Sat 31 May, 6.45pm
Christchurch: Sat 14 Jun, 5pm

Dir: Scott Gracheff, USA, 2013, 79 mins


Gay rugby player Mark Bingham was one of the passengers who stormed the cockpit of United Flight 93 during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This powerful documentary is an emotional, stirring portrait of both Mark and his mother, Alice Hoagland, who was propelled to become a staunch advocate of gay rights and godmother to the gay rugby community worldwide. Mark’s own home videos and candid interviews with friends, family, and team mates illustrate how his life and deeds inspired a nation.

Supported by the New Zealand Falcons.
A brief Q&A will be held after the screening in Auckland.

Auckland: Sun 25 May, 3.50pm
Wellington: Wed 11 Jun, 8.25pm

If you see an Out Takes flick you want to rave about, reviews are welcome, just send them to staff - 27th April 2014

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