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Monday 10 April 2017

Victoria Park to host Proud

Posted in: Events
By Jacqui Stanford - 10th January 2013

One of Auckland’s most glorious venues, Victoria Park, will host a multi-space party which will be one of the signature events of the inaugural Pride Festival.

“The party’s called Proud,” explains Festival Director Julian Cook. “And I want it to be a party I am proud of. And that’s certainly the way it’s headed now.”

It wasn’t an easy task for Cook, who was determined to find somewhere outstandingly unique for the 23 February party. He says it’s difficult to find spaces in Auckland for between one to two thousand people, and he was “hitting his head against a brick wall” for months.

“With a party of this kind you want to do something that raises the bar and excites people and is a real immersive experience,” he explains.

Friends from Pack & Company, which owns a number of bars and restaurants, inspiringly suggested Victoria Park. While the beautiful historic venue is being renovated, the courtyard end which hosts the gorgeous chimney has been completed.

After meetings, idea sessions and massive support from the venue owners, they realised they could actually combine four separate spaces with internal staircases, “which they are really coming to the party and getting done for us, which is just amazing,” Cook says.

The four spaces are the courtyard itself, which has the chimney, which will be lit up in rainbow colours. It will have an outdoor stage with shows, and music from Australia’s DJ Kitty Glitter.

Up the stairs is the New York loft-styled and spacious bar La Zeppa, which will have New York house style music. The bar also has a huge deck which looks over the courtyard.

Near that bar is Libertine, an alternative, quirky space which will have indie music.

The fourth Proud area is a huge empty, industrial, gutted concrete space under La Zeppa, which will have hard and fast music.

Cook says the Victoria Park team has gone out of its way to be supportive of the GLBT community event. “I can’t praise them highly enough in terms of how keen they are and excited they are to be involved and to work with our community.”

Tickets will be on sale by the end of the week and will cost $45, which Cook points out is lower than Hero Parties of the past, and a result of the support of Victoria Park.

PROUD: Victoria Park, 23 February, tickets on sale at the end of the week for $45.

Jacqui Stanford - 10th January 2013

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