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Monday 10 April 2017

Review: Spandau Ballet – Soul Boys of the Western World

Posted in: Movies
By Keir Robertson - 5th November 2014


I popped along with my buddy Dick, to see Spandau Ballet this Sunday at the SkyCity Theatre, only to realise that it was a documentary not a live show – not being a real fan or aficionado I should have realised beforehand but I was definitely not disappointed.

The film took us on a journey through the band’s inception from schoolboy mates jamming together through various incarnations to the days of hanging out at the Blitz club in central London where they embraced daring fashions and new forms of music with inspiration drawn from their own mates in the fashion world.

Alongside this startling new venture in fashion they found their voice in electronic synthesised music and were cutting edge in the use of it. At this time they emerged as Spandau Ballet after several incarnations, during the dawn of the MTV era which they embraced to their full advantage producing a full package of video, music and fashion statements.

As a non-muso I was carried along with their story which the film makers made relevant with snapshots of current affairs and politics of the time and references to other groups also making their mark, like Duran Duran.

The documentary showed us a real story with personable interactions of friendship, hope and living the dream along with the harshness of the inevitable band break-up and subsequent reconciliation after 19 years of estrangement.

We witnessed a story of ordinary guys with extraordinary talents and skills and were treated at the end to a Q&A with two of the bands members, Tony – lead vocalist and Martin bass guitar. They were easy to talk with and answered fans great questions with ease and humour.

A bloody good afternoon really - they announced to us that they’ll be coming here in May next year – I reckon I’ll be saving my pennies for a front row ticket.

Keir Robertson - 5th November 2014

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