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Monday 10 April 2017

Lee Krystlle's first Pride march

Posted in: Events
By Lee Krystlle - 24th February 2015

Lee Krystlle marched in the Auckland Pride Parade, by herself, in angelic glory. She was scared at first, but it became one of the most amazing moments of her life. She’s allowed us to share a post she wrote about what the experience meant to her.


I am soo proud of myself -never before in my life have I done something like the Pride Parade. Let alone walk in front of that many people before.

I was soo scared. I had no float to go on. I had been replaced off a float earlier in the morning, therefore did not have a costume. I had no one to walk with me. My best friend had to leave town yesterday so it was just me to rep it. But I had a goal and that was to march the parade as me and do it for myself and all my trans sisters out there - that haven’t done the march before.

A photographer took photos of me and he asked if I was okay. I said ‘no I’m scared, I have never done this before and I’m gonna walk by myself’. He said ‘you are gorgeous and you shouldn’t worry looking like that’. Just like that I jumped in line and started my mince ... I walked the whole parade pretty much alone.

Loved it! I did it!!!

It was absolutely stunning soo many people cheering me on. Didn’t take long and I was on that level and killed it – nine inch heels all the way down and all the way back.

Thank u soo much too the organisers and too everyone that came and thank you to staff for not telling me off for not being part of a float. I was the float myself and I marched loud and proud!!!

I would like to thank my sister for all her support to with my costume with all the problems I was having with it.

Yo my awesome mama, aunties and cousin that took me to the parade and came too support me, I’m so grateful and love you so much.

Thank you soo much.

Lee Krystlle - 24th February 2015

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